At Diamond Exchange Houston the biggest products we buy and sell are engagement rings and wholesale diamonds. Therefore, we get to see the latest and greatest trends in the jewelry market. Diamond Exchange Houston is a wholesale diamond jewelry store that is open to the public and primarily serves our clients in Houston, TX. Our customers often come to us with the latest things they have seen from celebrities and popular online personalities. Our customers will see a ring on Instagram and want us to recreate it. Also, our customers might learn about an up-and-coming engagement ring style from an online personality. Our job at Diamond Exchange Houston is to get our customers the biggest and nicest diamonds for their budget. In doing so, we generate a lot of positive feedback online and it keeps our calendar full with repeat and referral business.

At The Diamond Exchange in Houston TX, we are always updating our Youtube Channel with our newest engagement rings and custom jewelry works. We will take simple videos to display our works. It is a great place to go and view different engagement rings styles to give you an idea of what is popular to help you with your next jewelry piece. Below is a list of the most recently requested styles of engagement rings:

  • Oval Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Hidden Halo Engagement Rings
  • Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Solitaire Engagement Rings
  • Eternity Engagement Rings

That is a short list of what we feel is the popular styles as of right now in 2022.  Of course, there are other styles that deserve to make the list.  Whatever style you desire contact Diamond Exchange Houston today and we can help you make your dreams come true!  We carry a large selection of GIA certified diamonds, Lab Grown diamonds, wholesale diamonds, engagement ring settings, and wedding bands.  If you are wanting something that is unique and custom to only you then we can definitely help.  Our custom engagement rings come out outstanding and they are of extremely high quality. View our engagement rings page to learn more about the types of engagement rings that are offered at Diamond Exchange Houston.

Start Shopping For Your Future Engagement Ring Today:

If you are interested in learning more about the jewelry options offered at Diamond Exchange Houston then contact us today. We are diamond jewelry experts that have helped thousands of clients help get the engagement rings and wedding bands of their dreams. We invite you to fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. Once we get in contact with you we will invite you in for an appointment at our jewelry store in Houston. While you visit Diamond Exchange Houston you will be able to compare diamonds, settings, and even discuss our custom jewelry options. We look forward to working with you.

Diamond Exchange Houston is located at 4306 Yoakum Blvd #305 A, Houston, TX, 77006

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