Services offered at Diamond Exchange Houston

Products And Services Offered At Diamond Exchange Houston:

Products offered at Diamond Exchange Houston
Diamond Exchange Houston is your one-stop-shop for all of your diamond and diamond jewelry needs. On this page, we give a quick overview of the different products and services that are available at Diamond Exchange Houston. If you see a product or service that is not listed here that you need then please contact us because we probably offer it. We are a full-scale jewelry store that can handle anything diamond jewelry related.

Engagement Rings:

The most popular item that we sell at Diamond Exchange Houston is engagement rings. We have every type of engagement ring you could possibly want: solitaires, halos, 3 stone, designer, custom, and more. We are known for our large selection and wholesale prices on diamond rings and jewelry. Click For More Information…

Wholesale Diamonds:

Let the experts at Diamond Exchange Houston help you find the perfect diamond. We carry wholesale diamonds of all shapes and sizes and our deals are amazing. We will gladly educate you on how to pick and choose the diamond of your dreams! Click For More Information…

Custom Jewelers:

Do you have an idea in mind and would like to custom create a masterpiece? Diamond Exchange Houston offers custom jewelry. Let our custom jewelers help you turn your dreams into a reality. We make custom jewelry and custom engagement rings. Click For More Information…

We Buy Diamonds And Jewelry:

Do you have a piece of diamond jewelry that you want to sell and would like to get maximum value? Diamond Exchange Houston is diamond buyers and jewelry buyers. We are the perfect place to sell diamonds because we have several different options to help get you the most! Click For More Information…

Loose Diamonds:

Diamond Exchange Houston’s main specialty is our knowledge and prices of loose diamonds. We will educate you on the different aspects of diamonds such as cut, color, and clarity. We have loose diamonds of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Click For More Information…

Jewelry Consignment:

Would you like to get maximum value when selling diamonds, engagement rings, or other diamond jewelry? Our jewelry consignment program is designed to help you get the most value for your items. Click For More Information…

Diamond Services:

Anything having to deal with diamonds in Houston Diamond Exchange Houston is here to help. We buy, sell, appraise, and consign diamond jewelry. Let the professionals at Diamond Exchange Houston help you with all of your diamond needs. Click For More Information…

Diamond Broker:

Do you need a diamond broker in Houston? Diamond Exchange Houston has you covered. We have the connections and expertise to get you the best values whether you are trying to buy or sell diamonds and jewelry. Click For More Information…

Diamond Dealers

Eliminate jewelry stores and go straight to the diamond dealers. Whether you want to buy, sell, or exchange diamond jewelry then Diamond Exchange Houston can get you the best deals and services. Click For More Information…

Jewelry Store

Diamond Exchange Houston is one of the top jewelry stores in Houston! You will be able to shop for engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, and loose diamonds for wholesale jewelry prices. Click For More Information…

Jewelry Exchange

Do you have jewelry that you want to buy, sell, trade, or exchange? Then you need a jewelry exchange which is offered at Diamond Exchange Houston. We are a wholesale jewelry store that can offer you the best deals! Click For More Information…

Round Diamonds

The most popular of all cuts of diamonds are round diamonds. They are timeless and they have an unbeatable brilliance. Diamond Exchange Houston provides you with an education on round-cut diamonds. Click For More Information…

Oval Diamonds

A very popular diamond shape at Diamond Exchange Houston is oval diamonds. They are known for the elongated look and one of the most popular diamonds in the USA. Click For More Information…

Jewelry Buyers

Diamond Exchange Houston offers jewelry buyers Houston. We buy all types of jewelry including diamonds, diamond rings, diamonds jewelry, gold, earrings and more. Click For More Information…

Custom Engagement Rings

Would you like to have a one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring? At Diamond Exchange Houston we offer the option of designing a one-of-a-kind custom diamond ring. Click Here For More Information…

Radiant Diamonds

Are you in the market for a gorgeous radiant diamond? Diamond Exchange Houston offers wholesale diamonds for excellent prices. Schedule your appointment to shop for a radian cut diamond today. Click Here For More Information…

Heart Diamonds

Shop at Diamond Exchange Houston to get the best deals on heart diamonds. Schedule an appointment to come in and select from the different heart cut diamonds lined up side by side.Click Here For More Information…

Marquise Diamonds

Come and get the best selection and the best prices on marquise diamonds. Diamond Exchange Houston will educate you and help you select the perfect marquise cut diamond. Click Here For More Information…

Wholesale Jewelry

Why would you want to pay retail prices when you can shop direct and pay wholesale prices? Diamond Exchange Houston offers wholesale jewelry Houston where customers can get the best deals possible on diamonds, rings, and jewelry.

Fine Jewelry

Come explore our fabulous selection of fine jewelry including loose diamonds, engagement rings, and other diamond jewelry. Diamond Exchange Houston is known for our wholesale pricing on fine diamond jewelry.
Click Here For More Information…

Jewelry Appraisals

Find out how much your jewelry is worth. Diamond Exchange Houston offers several different types of jewelry appraisals.
Click Here For More Information…

Vintage Engagement Rings

Do you like the old fashioned look? Diamond Exchange Houston offers a selection of antique engagement rings and vintage engagement rings. Contact us today to learn more about our selection.
Click Here For More Information…

Black Gold Jewelry

Would you like the unique look of black gold jewelry? Diamond Exchange Houston can make you engagement rings or jewelry into black gold. Click Here For More Information…

Diamond Store

Diamond Exchange Houston is the ultimate diamond store in Houston. We buy and sell wholesale diamonds, loose diamonds, GIA Certified Diamonds, and lab grown diamonds. Click Here For More Information…

Gold Buyers

Do you looking for a place to sell gold in Houston? Diamond Exchange Houston is gold buyers and we buy all types of gold jewelry. We offer cash for gold including coins, jewelry, necklaces, and even scrap gold. Click Here For More Infomation…

Schedule Your Appointment With Diamond Exchange Houston Today:

If you are looking for amazing deals on wholesale diamonds, engagement rings, or custom jewelry then contact Diamond Exchange Houston today. We also want to buy your unwanted jewelry. Schedule an appointment by simply filling out one of our contact forms or by calling us directly at 281-623-1105. Diamond Exchange Houston wants to be your jeweler for life!

Marcus [2X] P
Marcus [2X] P
Great store if you want to purchase or buy gold. Very honest store who is willing to educate the consumer and inform them to make a quality purchase. The jewelry game is very intricate and this is a place to learn and buy from. Overall 5/5. Will be back!
A. M.
A. M.
Gili, Mariana and their team are really wonderful. My husband said they were very helpful and patient in helping him pick the perfect diamond necklace for my birthday. The necklace is simply perfect and dainty - just my style.
Hillary McMillan
Hillary McMillan
I had the pleasure of working with Gili to replace my lost engagement ring. He was very helpful and transparent throughout the entire process. In just a 2 week turnaround I had a new beautiful ring! I get so many compliments and most importantly I’m one happy wife. Thank you Diamond Exchange Houston for making the best of an unfortunate situation. I highly recommend their expertise for quality diamonds!
Gabrielle Hali
Gabrielle Hali
I enjoyed my process of selling my ring to the Diamond Exchange. They made the process very easy to sell my ring . Definitely the place to go!
Michael Nwogu
Michael Nwogu
I had a wonderful experience at Diamond Exchange Houston. It’s not your typical jewelry shop. It has more of an intimate feel than what you normally get at most jewelry places. Gili had an array of knowledge on engagement rings. He took his time to educate me on engagement rings while helping me find what I was looking for. Definitely recommend this place if you’re in need of a ring.
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson
Thank you guys for helping me share one of the most important experiences of my life… the jewelry exchange gave me there professional opinion, and my fiancée was so happy!! I’m forever grateful
S Hill
S Hill
My husband and I went to just look at upgrading my wedding set for our 30th anniversary. We ended purchasing. I do not have enough words to express how happy I am. Gili and his staff are so professional and welcoming. Gili listened to what we wanted, explained different cuts and colors and let us compare many stones. He was patient and understanding with any changes we wanted to make. It was an awesome experience and HIGHLY recommend him. He designed a perfect ring for me, I LOVE it!!
Brandon Whitlock
Brandon Whitlock
Great costumer service!
Sim The God
Sim The God
I sold a diamond ring here, and let me just say the customer service and hospitality is undeniable! Nick is awesome! This is a great place to bring your jewelry. The best, if you ask me!

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