Heart Diamonds

heart diamonds
When it comes to fancy shaped diamonds, the heart cut diamond shape has been wooing lovers for centuries. This unmistakable shape with abundant radiance says it all. This specific shape is extraordinary in its stunning yet complex silhouette. The exquisiteness of this shape also represents the proficiency and expertise of the diamond cutter. Symmetry is of utmost importance in heart-shaped diamonds since is it crucial that both halves of a heart are crafted identically. The parting cleft finely positioned between twin lobes must be distinctly sharp, and the curving wings on both sides must display a somewhat rounded elegant shape.

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The Radiance Of A Heart Diamond

The heart shape exhibits a modified brilliant-cut. Thanks to this remarkable cut, it offers an impressive brilliance in its eye-catching profile. The modified brilliant-cut version of a heart though forgiving embraces are slighter to minor inclusions, which remain nearly invisible to the buyer’s naked eye.

The Shape Of Your Love

A heart diamond cannot be splendidly expressed in a smaller profile. Anything weighing less than half carat may not turn out to be a smart choice. This exact shape is tough to distinguish in smaller specimens, more so after they have been set in indispensable prongs. A smaller size of heart can be best displayed with help of a three-prong or bezel setting to showcase its shape outline.

The contour of this precise shape varies from extensive to slender. The classic heart shape flaunts an enviable approximate length-to-width ratio of 1.00 making it perfect for a heart diamond ring. A heart aimed to be set in a pendant can sport a slightly narrower cut ranging from 1.05 to 1.15. Nevertheless, a heart designed to be preserved within a solitaire finger ring, calls for a visibly wider cut with the length-to-width ratio varying between .85 and an ideal 1.00. The diamond certificate accompanying your diamond will elaborate on the exact measurements.

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