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Round Diamonds are the heart and soul of the diamond industry. It is a very fun task when you are comparing different round stones and selecting your favorite diamond to ultimately to do life with you. In many people’s opinions, nothing can beat the brilliance of round diamonds.

Many people are familiar with the terms used by quality retailers to describe a diamond; the Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight. Of these 4 attributes, the Cut is the key to sparkle, and the Cut is not about the shape of the diamond such a round, princess, or pear, it is about how well the diamond is cut to reflect the maximum amount light. This is what gives the diamond its sparkle.

At Diamond Exchange Houston our goal is to get our customers the biggest and nicest diamonds for their budget. We offer wholesale diamonds and engagement rings and we are open to the public. We have a large selection of round diamonds of all shapes and sizes including GIA certified diamonds.

The best way to shop for round diamonds at Diamond Exchange Houston is to give us your budget and an idea of what type of jewelry you had in mind, then to let us do our magic. We will invite you to schedule an appointment with us so you can come into our jewelry store and compare diamonds side-by-side. We will educate you on the 4 C’s of each diamond. Ultimately, one diamond will stand out to you and be “The One” that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Round diamonds are the perfect gift, whether you are celebrating a special occasion, wanting to upgrade for a milestone in your life, or just another day together. Any of our Round Diamonds Houston can be set in your choice of 14 kt white or yellow gold, 18kt white or yellow gold, or platinum, according to her preference. Present her with this gift of love that she will adore forever. Diamond Exchange Houston has a large selection of mountings and we are experts at creating custom jewelry and custom engagement rings.

Please browse our website to learn more about round diamonds Houston and how they may be purchased. We have a large selection of loose diamonds, which can be viewed in person by simply filling out our contact form or by calling us today at 281-623-1105 to schedule an appointment.

Round Cut Diamonds Houston: Most Brilliant Shaped Diamond

round cut diamonds
The round cut is the most popular, researched, and classic of all cuts. Generally, a 58 facet cut with proportions designed to maximize brilliance and dispersion. When cut to perfect ideal cut standards, it’s the most brilliant of cuts and will show beautiful “Hearts & Arrows”.

When choosing a diamond, always keep the four C’s (cut, carat, clarity, and color) in mind, of course, but do some research and arm yourself with knowledge beyond the layman terms as well. Depending on where you go to start your diamond search, you may either be hearing the stones discussed in their technical terms, or you may find yourself listening to a sales pitch that is obviously intended to play on your emotions. While there should be some sense of joy and wonder when observing the right diamond, of course, you should not be swayed by flowery or overly romanticized talk.

A round cut diamond is one that has been cut with a specified number of facets (surfaces) that are intended to reflect the most light compared to other fancy shaped stones. This is the quality that gives a round diamond its fire and life. The fewer facets that are cut into the stone, the less light will be refracted and reflected from inside. A poorly cut diamond allows the light to simply travel straight through the stone without reflecting at all.

When you know the terminology that is used to describe cuts and cutting techniques, you will know what to listen for when the jeweler is discussing them. Knowing the number of facets typical to the round cut, for instance, can be very helpful in knowing what you are looking at. (That number, by the way, is 58. Sometimes, the number 57 is used. That is when you don’t count the culet, meaning, the pointed section of the bottom of the diamond).

Of course, if you are not a diamond expert and only plan to make this one important diamond purchase, then you do not need to get carried away in your research or terminology. And, you should know that diamonds and their cuts can be far more difficult to understand than most people know. For instance, even within the cut diamond round, there are several standards that grade differently based on the facet, proportion, and other factors. All of these factors could change the grading and value of the diamond dramatically. The grading quality that is being referred to on any certificate you receive with your purchase can affect the price that you will end up paying for it as well. Diamond Exchange Houston carries a large selection of GIA certified diamonds as well as non-certified stones that might offer a price break.

The best way to educate yourself and compare round diamonds Houston is to schedule an appointment at Diamond Exchange Houston today by filling out our contact form or by calling us at 281-623-1105.

No matter what designer piece you choose, or what style period you prefer, there is simply no alternative to genuine diamond jewelry. Stunning, elegant, and beautiful in every aspect, the perfect diamond jewelry will make anyone feel like a million bucks! Whether you are buying diamond jewelry for someone special or yourself, round diamond Houston is one gift that will make you stand apart from the rest.

The 4C’s and The Cut of Diamonds

round diamond cut
While picking out a perfect diamond, a buyer must be aware of the 4 C’s of diamonds, i.e., Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity. People generally misunderstood cut as the shape of the diamond. In fact, cuts in a diamond are totally different from the shape of the diamond. Normally, loose diamonds are commonly found in certain shapes; emerald, heart, marquise, oval, pear, princess, radiant, and round.

The cut of a diamond is important, so important in fact, that it can influence the other aspects of the stone and its overall value. When you set out to shop for the perfect diamond, when you know basically what you want to find style-wise, make sure that you know a few of the technical terms that you are likely to hear so that you are not surprised or caught off guard at all. Knowing some basics of diamond cutting will allow you to know what to look for- not only to spot the good stone but to more easily recognize the marks of a bad cut.

When a diamond is perfectly cut, it is transformed from nothing more than a dull rock to a fire-reflecting, almost living creature. A poorly cut diamond of enormous size is worth no more than a beautifully cut diamond of a much smaller size. Do not shop simply for size- shop for quality as well.

When a diamond is cut, there are a number of steps and processes that it must go through. Each part of the diamond’s anatomy must be cut to exacting and painstaking standards. If there are any variations from these established standards, the diamond will automatically be given a lower ranking. Some of the imperfections that can make a diamond less than ideal or perfect can be so small that you would never see them with the naked eye but are still there – yet another reason to pay attention to the grade that is given to the diamond that you are looking for.

When the diamond cut is nearly completed, it will be polished. If the cutter uses too much pressure or is inconsistent with his angles, rushes through the job, or otherwise is careless, wheel marks and other imperfections can be left on the surface of the stone. Again, while these may not be seen by the naked eye or the casual shopper, they will detract from the diamond’s value.

The round diamond or brilliant-cut diamond is ideal within the diamond industry. Other shapes may come into fashion and be the hot trend, but the enduring round cut diamond will always be the epitome of what a good diamond cut should be. When a diamond is cut perfectly, it will have the brilliance of a star- when it is cut poorly most, if not all of the light will travel straight through it with nothing reflected back to the viewer. Because of this lack of reflection, there will be brilliance, no dazzling fire.

Where To Buy Round Diamonds in Houston

round diamond engagement rings
The best way to shop for round diamonds is to compare them in person. Just because a diamond looks good on paper does not mean it will outshine another diamond in person. Each diamond has its own characteristics and properties that make it unique. At Diamond Exchange Houston we will spend quality time helping you select the perfect stone.

Diamond Exchange Houston is known for having the best deals on wholesale diamonds in Houston. We carry diamonds of all shapes and sizes, GIA certified diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and all types of diamond jewelry.

If you are ready to take the next step and start looking at round diamonds then call Diamond Exchange Houston today at 281-623-1105. Also, if you fill out one of our contact forms we will contact you within 24 hours. We have a large selection of diamonds that are not listed on our website to contact us today to get our entire selection. We look forward to helping you find the diamond of your dreams and becoming your jewelry store for life.

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