GIA Certified Diamonds In Houston

GIA Certified Diamonds Houston
Diamond Exchange Houston is known for its amazing deals on loose diamonds, engagement rings, and diamond jewelry. Another product that we have received a lot of requests for in recent years is GIA Certified diamonds in Houston. At The Diamond Exchange, we do offer diamonds that are certified by GIA. We carry wholesale diamonds of all shapes and sizes. In this article, we will break down the different aspects of GIA Certified diamonds. If you are interested in buying or selling diamonds or jewelry simply fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment or call us today at 281-623-1105.

The “What” and “Why” of GIA Certified Diamonds

GIA Certified Diamonds
You must have stumbled upon the recurrent expression “GIA Certified Diamonds” or “GIA diamonds” when scouting the market for exquisite diamond jewelry. These terms refer to diamonds that have been classified and benchmarked by the renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA). A nonprofit and autonomous organization, GIA is the pioneering institution specializing in gemological exploration and the inventor of global benchmarks such as “Diamond 4 C’s” as well as “International Diamond Grading System™”.
The 4 C’s represent the 4 imperative diamond characteristics – the Cut of a diamond, presence of Color, the diamond’s Clarity, and its Carat Weight. The rigorous standard and its pertinent grading technologies for assessing and describing every “C” were conceived by GIA.
GIA, since its inception in 1931, has connected consumers with the science of gemstones. The methodical and extensive diamond grading report by GIA instills trust and confidence among jewelers and buyers alike.

Can a Gemological Laboratory like GIA Certify Diamonds?

GIA Certificate
GIA follows a stringent grading procedure preparing a detailed report about the diamond in question. GIA itself neither “certifies” nor determines the current price or value of the diamond. It does not employ the word “certificate” to define its final statement. Its sole role is to examine, evaluate, and grade a diamond on the principles of the 4 C’s so as to demonstrate its qualities. GIA, as a research laboratory, highlights and explains only the assessment result of a specific diamond in its “report”. Find out more about GIA diamonds on their website.
The assessment reports and analytical services as offered are available in a variety of formats, including state-of-the-art digital versions. It contains decidedly accurate, essential, and trusted grading information of the particular specimen.

Why Look for GIA Diamonds?

GIA Diamond Dealers Houston
GIA is by far the most trusted diamond lab on the planet. GIA is not involved with any aspect of the diamond commercial industry. It does not mine, trade, appraise, or determine the pricing of a diamond. This complete absence of any commercial interest allows GIA to provide absolutely objective and unbiased assessment of a diamond’s quality.
When you are investing in a natural diamond, it is of utmost importance that you get one that is genuine and offers a good value. A diamond that does not come with a reliable grading report leaves room for inaccuracy and uncertainty. A diamond grading report enables you to compare multiple diamonds before you decide to buy the finest one that meets all your requirements.
The GIA diamond grading report offers you a comprehensive and independent inspection which is a vital part of the purchase process. The GIA grading report and GIA graduate gemologist appraisal are equally necessary when you want insurance on your diamond.

Do You Need To Pay More For GIA Certified Diamonds?

A GIA graded diamond does not always cost more than the other loose diamonds when you consider only the price tag. The price depends on the quality of a diamond. Unless you are empowered with an objective and accurate grading report, you fail to assess and decipher the superiority of a diamond from another of comparable features. Most traditional and online jewelers sell both loose diamonds and diamond jewelry with GIA diamond grading report.

Shop For Diamonds At Diamond Exchange Houston

Hopefully, this article has given you great insight into GIA diamonds. At Diamond Exchange Houston we have diamonds of all shapes and sizes available at wholesale prices. When shopping for diamonds it is always best to compare them side by side to see which ones actually sparkle and look the best in person. Simply fill out our contact form today to get started shopping for GIA Certified diamonds in Houston, TX. We can also be reached anytime at 281-623-1105.

What customers say about us
21:06 19 Jan 22
My wife and I were looking for an engagement rings in Houston.During our search we came across Diamond Exchange. When I arrived at Diamond Exchange of Houston, I met Nick, Gil, and Didi ( 🙂 ).Nick helped my wife and I find us a 20 year engagement/Marriage diamond ring. He was exceptionally helpful and found us what my wife was looking for.Gil helped showed us some diamonds that could be mounted. Long story short, we ended up buying a fancy yellow, mounted diamond ring.I now have a great contact for future purchases.Thank you Nick, Gil, and Didi. 🙂
18:39 24 Sep 20
I found amazing deals on engagement rings when I found Diamond Exchange Houston. Me and my now fiancé had searched at normal name brand jewelry stores before we found Diamond Exchange Houston. We were actually referred to them by a friend who had a custom engagement ring made there. Their diamond rings are like half as expensive as the other jewelry stores we shopped at. We were able to pick out the main diamond and have it placed in a ring they had we liked. They had it ready for us within a week. It also came with an GIA appraisal which we used to get insurance. 5 stars and we will be back for our wedding bands!
Trezlyn WilliamsTrezlyn Williams
19:15 15 Sep 20
My mom bought her ring with Diamond Exchange many years ago and now I too am a client! I worked with Gili! He was professional during the process when I contacted him regarding my quest to find the prefect diamond ring. I was going to purchase online for competitive pricing, however, Gili took the time to explain the importance of seeing a diamond in person to make sure the ‘eye clean’ factor was there. Then the journey began with my customize band. I found pictures with precise features I desired. Gili delivered exactly what I wanted. I am meticulous and expected the best. Gili provided me the exact ring I wanted. He constantly kept me updated through the entire process. I have found an exceptional jeweler to work to make more custom pieces. I highly recommend Gili to anyone that is ready to purchase customized jewelry. Also his coworker Nic shares an office with him and is also a resource to contact! Either of them will assist you with comparing, finding, and providing you with the exact piece of jewelry your heart desires! Thank you Gili for proving me with a breath taking ring!
Audrey SteinAudrey Stein
19:38 26 Aug 20
I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I have the perfect man and now I have the perfect engagement ring. I just picked up my ring from Diamond Exchange Houston and they did an amazing job. They made me a custom engagement ring from a loose diamond I picked out. Thank you guys so much. I will be back for my wedding band.
Becky BlaisdellBecky Blaisdell
17:45 06 Jul 20
I would like to thank Nick for creating my dream ring. He took the time to send pictures during the design process and then again while creating the ring to ensure we were happy with the final product. This was a wonderful experience and the ring is gorgeous!
Justin GomezJustin Gomez
18:11 20 Jun 20
I went to Diamond Exchange Houston in search of a wedding band that would compliment a custom wedding ring I had made for Fiance. Diamond Exchange Houston did not disappoint. They were very accommodating and had multiple options to choose from. They were able to take our ideas and craft us the perfect wedding band to go with my Fiance's ring. The staff is very friendly and gave me updates on the band throughout the process. Their prices are very reasonable and quite frankly are beat all of the surrounding jewelers' prices.If you're in the Houston area and are looking for custom work or Jewelers I would highly recommend Diamond Exchange Houston.(P.S. I typically don't write reviews, but their work was amazing and I had to share!)

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