4 C’s Of Diamonds: Your Definite Guide To Buying The Finest Diamonds

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When you have made up your mind to spend your hard-earned money on an impeccable diamond, it is unwise or even risky to ignore the principles of 4 C’s. The “4 C’s” of a diamond are four cardinal elements that determine a diamond’s quality. Diamond Exchange Houston’s goal is to educate every one of our customers and get them the biggest and nicest diamonds for their budget. We specialize in wholesale diamonds and engagement rings.

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The 4 C’s By GIA

Until the mid 20th century, the stark absence of an internationally agreed-upon standard for evaluating the many attributes of a diamond led to the genesis of the pioneering concept of 4 C’s. Invented by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the “4Cs of Diamond Quality” is regarded as the global benchmark for analyzing the many traits of a diamond. GIA commands a global reputation for providing unbiased and meticulous gemological evaluation and as the distinguished creator of “Diamond 4 C’s” and “International Diamond Grading System”.

What Are The Four C’s?

The 4 C’s are namely the ‘Cut’ of a diamond; ‘Color’ or rather the lack of it; ‘Clarity’ of the stone; and the size of the diamond represented in ‘Carat Weight’. The inception of the 4 C’s signifies two crucial aspects: availability of a common language to communicate diverse features of a diamond, and convenience of a standardized guideline for diamond buyers to understand precisely what they are buying.
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  • Diamond Color: The dearth of color is the point of reference when it comes to diamonds. A chemically flawless diamond will not display any color. This absolute nonexistence of hue trades commercially for a much higher value. This color assessment is crucial as the exceptionally subtle distinctions cannot be deciphered by the untrained naked eye but results in a drastic difference both the quality as well as the final cost of a certain diamond. The “GIA D to Z color grading” process appraises the level of colorlessness by comparing one diamond in a controlled setting to its in-house “master-stones” of benchmarked color value. Learn About Diamond Color
  • Diamond Clarity: Assessing diamond clarity comprises of determining the presence, density, and visibility of both internal fissures known as inclusions and external characteristics known as blemishes. The evaluation determines the diamond’s final appearance. It is virtually impossible for a natural diamond to be completely pure however the better the flawlessness, the more premium it demands. Learn About Diamond Clarity
  • Diamond Cut: Diamond is nothing but a constellation of sparkles. Diamond cut is beyond just the outline of a diamond. A diamond’s cut grade decides how its many facets beautifully connect with light. It is believed that superior workmanship is indispensable to unleash the finest symmetry within a diamond, and to best represent its inherent brilliance. Learn About Diamond Cut
  • Diamond Carat Weight: The mass of a diamond is weighed in the metric called ‘carat’. A carat is exactly 200 milligrams, and a carat can be subdivided into 100 “points”. This precise measurement allows the required accuracy to describe a diamond weighing lesser than a carat. When other comparable qualities remain unchanged, the cost of a diamond goes up with its mounting weight. Learn About Diamond Carat Weight

The 4Cs of diamonds help evaluate a diamond’s value as well as its quality for you to find that ideal harmony of beauty and budget.

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