Diamond Carat Weight

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The carat weight of a diamond or essentially its size, frequently determines whether a proposal will ultimately bloom into a full-fledged engagement! The reel and the real lives often merge at this crucial juncture of a relationship. And a diamond can be held responsible for the outcome.

If you have been out looking for a gorgeous diamond engagement ring, chances are you have stumbled upon quite a few of exquisite beauty and astronomical price tags. When all the other critical “C”s including the diamond’s cut, presence of color, and its apparent clarity are compared and remain the same, the diamond’s actual size decides the value of the stone. Larger diamonds are more expensive because they are rarer specimens of this highly sought-after jewel.

The best way to view diamonds is to compare them side-by-side. We invite you to schedule an appointment today to view the best selection of wholesale diamonds in Houston including GIA certified diamonds.

What exactly is a “diamond carat”?

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Diamond carat weight is one of the most important 4 C’s. The metric called “carat” has a precise denomination of 200 milligrams. Every 1 carat has been subdivided and defined into the accurate hundredth decimal measurement of 100 “points”. A diamond weighing anywhere lower than 1 full carat is described only by the point size. For example, a retailer will refer to a diamond weighing 0.27 carats, simply as the “twenty-seven pointer”. On the other hand, a diamond that weighs over and above 1 carat will be described in carats and its smaller decimals. Think a 2.09-carat diamond being marked by the jeweler as “two point zero nine carats”. And if you have chosen the said 2.09-carat diamond of fine color, excellent cut, and superior clarity, be ready fork out a nice chunk of money on that extraordinary engagement ring! More excellent information concerning diamond carat weight can be found on GIA’s website.

Where did carat get this unique nomenclature from?

The value and subsequently the price of a diamond increase manifold with its mounting carat weight. The reason can be attributed to the rarity of diamonds of larger size, superlative clarity, and high demand. However, the apparent size or weight of a diamond cannot be the sole determinant of its value. Two diamonds of similar carat weight can command highly divergent values and subsequently cost on two sides of the price spectrum. This conspicuous price difference depends on other three significant factors of a diamond’s quality – its cut, perceptible clarity and discernible color or the lack thereof. The four aspects of a diamond’s quality ultimately settle the price. Diamond Exchange Houston has a large selection of GIA certified diamonds and we will allow you to compare stones when you visit our jewelry store in Houston, TX.

What is a diamond’s “magic size”?

Particular carat weights in a diamond have been regarded as the “magic sizes”. Explore the particular fractions of carats such as the three-quarter of a carat weighing between .69 and .82; the half-carat or .50 points; and the covetable full carat or 1.00 carat. There might be little visual difference between a 1-carat and 0.98-carat loose diamond but the cost difference is vast. Once the carat weight hits the 1-carat mark the price can jump up substantially.

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Diamond carat weight is an easy to understand part of the 4 C’s. However, the best way to learn about diamonds is to actually see diamonds in person and to be educated by the experts in person. Diamond Exchange Houston invites you to schedule an appointment today to view diamonds, engagement rings, and jewelry. We are known for amazing deals on wholesale diamonds and jewelry. If you are interested in learning more about diamonds or would like to shop from our selection then simply fill out our contact form to get started or call us today at 281-623-1105. Be sure to check out our excellent rating and read our Google Reviews. We look forward to being your diamond jeweler for life!

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