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Diamonds are Mother Nature’s geological marvels. Created deep within the earth under tremendous temperature and force, diamonds are born with extreme hardness and minute “birthmarks”. These birthmarks are also the crucial identification that separates them from other minerals. These identifications can be seen both within and outside a diamond known as inclusions and blemishes, respectively. The clarity of a diamond in fact refers to the extent of these signatures present in the diamond. Diamond clarity is one of the most important of the “4 C’s” that determines how a diamond is priced. A diamond containing way too many of either blemishes or inclusions fails to deliver the much sought-after brilliance as these flaws ultimately hinder the progress of light in a diamond.

The best way to understand how a diamond’s clarity actually looks is to see the diamond in person. Diamond Exchange Houston invites you to schedule an appointment today to come in and compare diamonds side-by-side. We are diamond experts and we will educate you on the different factors and help you pick out the perfect stone.

What exactly constitutes as diamond clarity?

The precise location of a blemish or inclusion critically determines whether it can be witnessed in the final finished diamond. An expert diamond cutter ardently strives to craft a stone where such imperfections remain largely invisible to the naked eye. Hence, an inclusion is much likely to hide itself close to the girdle or beneath the bezel facets as they are quite harder to be seen from these angles.

Evaluating a diamond’s clarity entails ascertaining multiple aspects such as the size of these characteristics, their position, number, contour. The process also involves determining how these imperfections ultimately affect a diamond’s overall appearance. No diamond is free from these peculiarities and perfectly clean. However, any diamond that comes closer to this intense purity, earns higher value. The clarity also determines the value when you want to sell diamonds Houston.

How to buy a diamond based on its clarity?

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The GIA has created an extensive 11-point clarity scale to grade diamond clarity. This scale grades the clarity of a diamond by considering and judging each flaw only under extreme 10x magnification.

The lowest on the reliable “GIA Diamond Clarity Scale” features “Included” diamonds with obvious inclusions that potentially affect the brilliance and transparency of the stone. The “Slightly Included” shows slight improvement with noticeable inclusions visible only by a skilled diamond grader employing 10x magnification. The “Very Slightly Included” diamonds display minor inclusions distinctly visible with magnification but invisible to a naked eye.

The finesse of a diamond starts from the grade of “Very, Very Slightly Included”. These inclusions are quite difficult to observe even by a proficient grader under the extreme 10x magnification. The “Internally Flawless” diamond display only blemishes and none of the inclusions to the expert grader even under the fantastic 10x magnification. With the “Flawless” diamond, you have reached the acme of exquisiteness, excellence, and brilliance possible in a diamond. Use that defiant 10x magnification and yet an expert will fail to witness any blemish or inclusion. When you visit our jewelry store we will show you loose diamonds Houston with a loupe. Just like everything in life, a flawless diamond is extremely rare. You may scout 5,000 gemstone quality diamond and yet may come up with less than one that is rated Flawless.

What should you look for when buying a diamond?

At Diamond Exchange Houston our goal is always to get our customers the biggest and nicest diamonds for their budget. We specialize in wholesale diamonds and we are a direct diamond dealer that is open to the public. It helps if you have a budget and know what your favorite shape diamond is. You will be able to compare diamonds side by side until you find your favorite. We carry diamonds of all shapes and sizes. We have GIA certified diamonds as well as diamonds that are not certified. We will educate you on each diamond and let you know the cut, color, clarity, carat size, and of course the price.

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