Diamond Color

diamond color
Color or the absence of any in a diamond determines its fortune. This lack of hue in a diamond represents its chemical purity and structural perfection. A gemstone-quality diamond is evaluated for the sheer absence of any color and demands higher value.

Diamonds do come in a fascinating array of colors ranging from highly desirable blues, yellow, pink, green, red, and even black. Nevertheless, when a white diamond is considered, the presence of the slightest yellow tint mars its value and drastically reduces the price. Lesser body-color means better reflection of true color in a white diamond, resulting in a greater value.

The best way to judge a diamond’s color is to compare stones side-by-side in person. We invite you to schedule an appointment today at Diamond Exchange Houston. We have a large selection of wholesale diamonds and engagement rings to shop from. We are diamond experts and will be glad to educate you on the different aspects to look for so you will be able to obtain jewelry at great prices!

What are the standards of color grading in diamonds?

When shopping and you are faced with the task of choosing the finest diamond that your budget can accommodate, you will need the help of strict grading standards to compare and differentiate one diamond from the other. You want to know the 4 C’s of the diamonds to make sure that you are getting a fair price. GIA, the reputable, independent, and pioneering gemological laboratory has created the concept of GIA Diamond Color Scale.

Each diamond is evaluated in a controlled viewing environment designed to completely eliminate all colors even from the surrounding surfaces. This precision allows accurate measurement of the diamond’s true color. Even the smallest of color differences detected in this sanitized environment is extremely difficult in a normal store environment. This preciseness in assigning a particular grade of color by GIA has been adopted by the industry at large.

The GIA color grade varies from the highest “D” symbolizing colorless to “Z” which represents the presence of light color. This D to Z color scale evaluates only white diamonds though these may bear varying levels of color. On the other hand, fancy colored diamonds featuring true shades of blue, yellow or green are ranked on a different color scale.

The GIA Color Scale for White Diamonds

diamond color chart
D to F represent “Colorless” diamonds. The degree of variations in color between these three diamonds can be perceived by trained gemologists and rarely by the naked eye. From G to J, the diamonds are “Near Colorless” and feature certain hints of color. Though containing a bit of color, when suitably set in a colorless setting of either white gold or stunning platinum the loose diamonds appear magnificent. Compared to higher grades of D-F, the G, H, I, and J diamonds offer great value and beautiful color. All this at the fraction of the cost of an E or D diamond.

The “Faint Color” of usual yellow hint in K, L, and M diamond can be identified by the untrained naked eye. Again, set in yellow gold, these diamonds look beautiful and offer amazing value. From N to R, the diamonds display easily noticeable tints of color and are categorized as “Very Light Color”. The S to Z range of diamonds with “Light Color” in fact exhibits more color than expected in white diamonds.

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We hope that this educational article has given you great insight into understanding diamond color and how it affects the value and appearance of a diamond. We invite you to come into our jewelry store in Houston to get a closer look at diamonds in person. We have plenty of wholesale loose diamonds to choose from. Our goal is always to get our customers the biggest and nicest diamonds for their budget. If you are in the market for wholesale diamonds, diamond rings, tennis bracelets, diamond earrings, or other diamond jewelry then contact Diamond Exchange Houston today. Simply fill out our contact form or call us today at 281-623-1105.

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