Diamond Cut

diamond cut
Contrary to the popular concept, a diamond’s cut does not merely refer to the shape of the gemstone. The cut of a diamond goes much beyond its shape to represent its overall symmetry and proportion. The brilliance and luminosity of a diamond are severely affected when cut unfavorably. You may choose a diamond of enviably large carat weight, but the investment will go in vain if the diamond fails to do its job perfectly- which is sparkle. A defining characteristic among the four fundamental “Cs” of a diamond, the cut determines whether the diamond can realize its potential to sparkle radiantly.

A diamond’s cut quality impacts its brilliancy

The science and art of cutting a diamond require extreme workmanship, meticulous artistry, and a bit of superlative technology to fashion a rough diamond into ideal proportions, excellent symmetry, and glistening polish. All this effort results in a particular specimen of fine diamond that interacts or rather speaks fluently enough with light to create a glorious play of light and shade only attainable by a diamond.

Technically, this drama of light and darkness creates a series of coveted visual effects known as “brightness” referring to the white light mirrored in a diamond; “fire” representing the dispersion of this white light into the variegation of rainbow shades; and “scintillation” referring to the sparkle and its pattern within a diamond.

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The cut catalog of a diamond

GIA Cut Grade
Achieving a superb level of any of the three aspects mentioned above (brightness, fire, and scintillation), requires expert handling in the areas of depth proportion as well as the table dimension of the stone. A diamond with a “shallow cut” is far from ideal as light will escape through the side and bottom of the stone as opposed to reflect from the top. Again, a diamond with a “deep cut” appears smaller than a diamond of equal carat weight as the light escapes all the way through its bottom, much to the chagrin of the buyer who paid a small fortune for the same!

According to the GIA cut scale, the cut of a diamond can be one of the following 5 grades: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, or Poor. The goal when cutting a diamond is to make it “excellent”, or sometimes known as “ideal”.

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But rest easy as a diamond with “ideal cut” is just the one you are looking for. Just like the name suggests, this cut design aims to bring out the best in a diamond. This diamond is exceptionally proportioned wherein all the angles are positioned flawlessly and carefully to allow maximum reflection of light back at its top. And only then, you will perceive the intense fire and luminosity highly sought-after in the perfect loose diamond.

How to grade the cut of a diamond

If you have been searching for your perfect piece of sparkly happiness, you have to go after a diamond’s overall appearance. Undoubtedly, an intimidating task even for the experts, but you can understand the cut grades established by the global gemology leader GIA. Evaluating a diamond against another of comparable physical qualities is not possible unless the cut grade has been factored in. Once again, a diamond is ranked based on the cuts “Excellent”, “Very Good”, “Good”, “Fair”, and “Poor”. As your Houston diamond dealer, we will counsel you on the superiority of a particular diamond.

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