Black Gold Jewelry Guide

When thinking about gold, most people automatically have a picture of the classic yellow gold in mind. Others, have come to associate gold with the colors white and rose, as they’re often used in recent decades for jewelry. However, many folks may not be aware of the existence of black gold. While not naturally occurring, black gold has become an option for jewelry purchasers everywhere. Although uncommon and may be difficult to source out, black gold jewelry is incredibly beautiful and eye-catching to anyone who sees it!

What is Black Gold and How is it Created?

As mentioned previously, black gold is not naturally occurring and is, therefore, a manmade substance. Similar to white or rose gold, black gold is made from the basis of yellow gold. Black gold’s shade is achieved while utilizing dark alloys or occasionally, surface darkening techniques. Scientists had to invent and fine-tune these methods of blackening gold for it now to be used by many jewelry manufacturers. This has all made it so black gold jewelry is available as an option to customers.

When customers normally go shopping at jewelry stores they are in search of the traditional yellow or white gold. At Diamond Exchange Houston we only create black gold per the request of our clients. Below is information on how gold is made black:

  • Alloys:

When using alloys, certain metals will be melted down and used as the base for the jewelry. The specific alloys will be mixed at certain ratios, with the yellow gold in order to create the desired color. The general used ratio is one part metal, with three parts gold. Most often the metal cobalt is utilized, as it really brings out the black aesthetic people search for. Technically speaking, this is technique is creating a layer of black that covers the surface of the gold entirely.

  • Electroplating:

The most commonly utilized process of achieving black gold is electroplating. This is the process of using ruthenium or rhodium to plate said jewelry, and accentuate the desired black tone. Despite the fact that rhodium plating has a tendency to wear quickly, it’s still a widely accepted and trusted way of creating black gold. Because of the fact that plating techniques do come with the negative attribute of wear, it’s important to properly source and care for your jewelry.

  • Lasering:

Lastly, there is the most recent discovery for creating black gold – lasering. Scientists have discovered the ability to darken gold by utilizing a laser to apply high levels of energy. This is through using a specific type of laser called a fetoscope. Essentially, the laser creates pockets where light is able to be trapped, thus changing the surface appearance entirely to black. This is all done in just a matter of seconds! Unfortunately, this process is both highly expensive and not energy efficient in the slightest. So, for the time being, it’s not commonly (if ever) used to blacken gold, for the purposes of making jewelry.

What Jewelry is Available in Black Gold?

black gold jewelry rings
Because of the commonality of yellow gold and the ability to turn it black, black gold jewelry is available in a wide variety of pieces. One of the most common uses for black gold is rings. Whether for everyday wear, or a more sentimental reason like engagement or marriage, the option for a black gold band is available.  Ladies that would like a black gold engagement ring from Diamond Exchange Houston would have to custom order it because we do not have black gold jewelry readily available to buy.  However, when ordering a custom engagement ring from Diamond Exchange Houston we have no problem making you a black gold diamond ring.  While not a popular choice, some folks love the shade black and would greatly appreciate the uniqueness of a ring made from black gold. Not to mention, black gold wedding bands would greatly accentuate whatever stone is attached to them.

At Diamond Exchange Houston we can offer the following jewelry items in black gold:

  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Bands
  • Tennis Bracelets
  • Custom Jewelry
  • Earrings
  • Pendants
  • Custom Diamond Rings
  • Necklaces and Chains
  • …and much more!!!

As black gold is very bold, many find the option of a more delicate piece of jewelry to be more fitting. Some may choose to opt for a simple black chain, while others may enjoy a small black gold bracelet or an anklet. Charms for necklaces are an option for anyone thinking of utilizing black gold, without overtaking the entirety of a necklace or bracelet. Earrings and other piercings are also excellent examples of more delicate pieces of jewelry, is made from black gold.

Although not mentioned, there are many other pieces of jewelry that one could utilize black gold for. Some examples could include pieces like a broach, or a watch. It would just take proper research, some creativity, and an experienced jeweler (like Diamond Exchange Houston) to come up with a multitude of design options, suiting the needs of any buyer.  We invite you to schedule an appointment today to find out why Diamond Exchange Houston is regarded as one of the best jewelers in all of Houston!

Cost of Black Gold

The cost of black gold jewelry is determined by the amount of pure gold used as a base for the said piece. Just like white and rose gold, black gold’s value increases when higher amounts of pure gold are used to create it. Based on the number of karats your gold jewelry is classed under, it’s priced higher. For example; 18k gold jewelry is purer, and is, therefore, more expensive than 14k gold jewelry. This is without taking into consideration the ability to add embellishments to any piece of jewelry. A 14k gold ring may in fact be worth more, if it has multiple diamonds attached to it. Diamonds and other gemstones will always contribute to a greater price tag on any piece of jewelry.

Caring for Black Gold Jewelry

Not uncommon to other pieces of fine jewelry, black gold also requires proper care. Many people like to utilize jewelry cleaning products that are often available for purchase at most jewelry stores. Most kits include a simple solution to regularly clean your pieces, and may even include a small brush to lightly scrub away any filth. It’s also a good practice for folks wearing black gold, to opt to remove their jewelry before swimming or showering. While water won’t affect pure gold, it can affect gold alloys overtime when chemicals, like chlorine, are present. Proper care and cleaning of jewelry will increase its overall lifetime wear, decrease the need and cost for repairs, as well as maintain its appearance.

Unlike yellow gold, black gold jewelry is most commonly purchased as plated. As mentioned before, certain metals that are used have more of a tendency to wear over time, than others. Because of this, occasionally folks may find that they need to get their black jewelry replated. Depending on the commonality of reoccurrence of wear (like on everyday worn rings, for example), this could turn into a bother for some purchasers. Depending on where you go for refinishing purposes you could be looking at paying a decent fee based on the size of your jewelry. This is why it’s important to properly source your jewelry, care for and clean it regularly, as well as decide on proper locations for wear of black gold jewelry. When customers purchase jewelry from Diamond Exchange Houston we expect to become their jeweler for life. At The Diamond Exchange our customers are welcome to stop by anytime for FREE inspections and jewelry cleaning for LIFE!!!

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marjorie ventura
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Troy Bradley
Gili and his team at Diamond Exchange are fantastic! By far the best jewelry purchasing experience I've ever had. Very comfortable environment with great quality and prices. Thanks Gili.
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Patrick McKiernan
Highly recommend if you’re looking to take the next step in your relationship. I showed up knocking on the door without an appointment. Gili had some time and invited me right in. The folks from Diamond Exchange Houston were so accommodating and made the process way easier than I expected. Gili helped me pick the perfect diamond and my Fiance couldn’t be happier. The light box was the final touch that made it a done deal. If you’re looking for quick, easy, and superb service don’t go anywhere else.
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Debbie Munoz
Smooth process with Mariah and Gili. Highly recommend!
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Jose Resendiz
Good customer service very patient and they aren’t pushy at all very welcoming
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Saundra Gussman
I recently had the pleasure of selling several pieces of jewerly at Diamond Exchange Houston, and I couldn't be more impressed with the service I received. From start to finish, the entire process was smooth, professional, and exceeded my expectations. First and foremost, Gili was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. He took the time to carefully assess each piece I brought in, providing expert advice and guidance throughout the evaluation process. His expertise instilled confidence in me that I was receiving a fair and accurate assessment of the value of my jewelry. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the transaction. Gili worked quickly to finalize the sale, ensuring that I received payment promptly and without any hassle. His attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction were truly commendable. Overall, my experience at Diamond Exchange Houston was exceptional, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to sell their gold and diamonds. Thank you Gili for your patience in the number of pieces I brought. I will be back!😀
Stephen Maness III
Stephen Maness III
Nic was extremely helpful, patient, & very informative. I’ve already been recommending these guys to all my friends looking for engagement rings, great prices great stock. All around amazing experience!
howslife thatsnice
howslife thatsnice
Love this place! They were so helpful when designing my ring.
Bryce Hall
Bryce Hall
Gili and Mariah do a wonderful job of making you feel right at home when you are shopping! Gili is very knowledgeable when it comes to the business, and I couldn’t recommend him more. Thank you guys again for everything, my fiancé loves her ring! I will always come back to the shop for future needs!

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