The first moon landing, a World Series triumph, scrumptious culinary scene, and Queen Bey’s hometown, Houston needs little introduction to the connoisseurs and gourmands. The largest city and heartland of Texas, Houston vibrates with life and passion of a cosmopolitan crowd. The spirited people and dynamic culture of the city have attracted people from far and wide. Here are the five great reasons to make Houston your go-to destination for the next vacation.

1. Houston serves some of America’s finest food

This city serves some of the most unbelievable barbecue and Tex-Mex delicacies. A melee of award-winning restaurants, a wide array of global cuisines, and laid-back ambiance make this an enviably mouthwatering travel stop for the hungry traveler. Don’t forget to try some fajitas and innovative tacos too. Explore what’s really all the hype about Houston’s pho and dim sum before your leave.

2. The flawless yet ever-changing culture scene

Houston’s incredible diversity superbly flows into its arts scene. The innumerable art exhibitions across its many museums cannot be missed at any cost. The buzzing theater district, sporting events, and music performances big and small are taking place anytime around the year. History is strewn around the lanes of Houston. An architecture-inspired trip across the city exploring its heritage location is necessary to understand its narrative. The Brochstein Pavilion, the expansive Houston City Hall, and the Houston Cotton Exchange are some of the renowned places.

3. An unbelievably overreaching space history

The Space Center Houston, located at the Greater Houston area, pays homage to everything space. The human quest for the extraterrestrial has been documented here and is a must-visit for anyone in Houston. The Space Center Houston remains the city’s top draw. With over 400 space paraphernalia on display, the most interesting and expansive collection of moon rocks win adulation. From educational programs to meeting an astronaut, this Official Visitor Center of NASA Johnson Space Center will easily charm inquisitive visitors.

4. Kids can enjoy and discover plenty of exciting places

The Children’s Museum of Houston will pique your child’s interest and imagination. Splashtown, Houston’s biggest water park; the Houston Zoo housing over 800 species and 6,000 animals; and the Main Street Theater with exclusive children’s performance; have been attracting curious young travelers. Do not miss out on the fun with massive 65-feet Ferris wheel and a gigantic 36-ft carousel on the Kemah Boardwalk.

5. Delve deeper in Nature’s fascinating bounty

Getting outside is the best thing you can do in Houston. An avid birdwatcher or a nature lover, Houston is the home of fascinating creatures. Quiet your soul and lighten your spirit with a trip to the city’s many urban parks. These mini forests create a serene pool of greenery within the city limits. The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail can lead you to see poised whooping cranes and glorious blue herons or egrets in flight. The plentiful outdoor spaces will give you a much-needed opportunity to lose the calories you gained last night. For the gallant equestrian, the sprawling greens of Cypress Trails allow horseback riding every day of the week.

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