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Every time a famous star in Hollywood gets engaged it is usually a big deal. The media loves to cover stories of famous people and they always want to be the first to break the news. You might have heard by now about the highlights of Ariana Grande’s engagement ring and just how unique it is. In this post, Diamond Exchange Houston wants to give you the details and the information that we have so far gathered. After all, diamonds, engagement rings, and jewelry is our specialty so we love it when we have big events like this to discuss.

About Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’s Relationship

ariana grande and dalton gomez
It seems as though this is a match made in heaven. The couple has been dating since January of 2020. They have been quarantined together most of the time in Los Angeles and have done a great job of staying away from the paparazzi limelight. Ariana is a wildly successful singer while Dalton is a real estate agent in Los Angeles. The couple made their first official appearance together in Grande’s new song with Justin Bieber titled “Stuck With You“. There is no doubt that we will see more of these two in the news especially now that she has this new engagement ring on her finger.

About The Engagement Ring That Ariana Grande Recieved

ariana grande custom ring
The engagement ring that Dalton chose for Ariana is not your average ring. In fact, it is very different from any ring that we have ever seen at Diamond Exchange Houston. The ring features a very high-quality oval diamond paired with a pearl. Dalton worked with a jewelry designer from New York to make this special piece. The pearl that was incorporated in the ring was a gift from her grandmother and is very sentimental to her. She first broke the news of the engagement on her Instagram where she has more than 200 million followers. As of now, nobody knows the exact size or the 4 C’s of the diamond used.

Create Your Own Unique Engagement Ring

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