So you have found “The One” and now it is time to put the trophy ring on her finger. The goal when buying an engagement ring should be to get the biggest and nicest ring and diamond for the money. With so many jewelry stores claiming to be the best jeweler in town how do you know who to trust? In this post, we will proudly explain why Diamond Exchange Houston is the best place to buy engagement rings in Houston. If you shop with us we guarantee you that you will be 100% satisfied and get a fantastic deal.
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Why You Should Avoid Retail Jewelry Stores When Shopping For An Engagement Ring:

If you are trying to get the best ring for your budget you definitely want to avoid your typical retail stores like Zales, Kay’s, Helzberg’s, Robbins Brothers, Etc. Those places put on a good display but they definitely do not offer the best deals. In fact, they offer the worst deals. Another part of our business at Diamond Exchange Houston is buying jewelry and engagement rings from the public. People will often come to us after a divorce to sell their unwanted engagement rings. We get to see what they originally paid and the quality of their diamonds. Unfortunately, we often have to be the bad guys that tell them that they paid way too much.
Retail jewelry stores have an absorbent amount of overhead to be able to compete with a wholesale diamond dealer like Diamond Exchange Houston. Think about their overhead- they have the top dollar prime retail space, high paid employees, and expensive marketing campaigns. To be able to afford all of that they have to drastically increase the price they charge for their diamonds and jewelry. Diamond Exchange Houston has very low overhead therefore we can offer wholesale engagement rings and wholesale diamonds directly to the end consumer.

Shopping For Diamonds and Engagement Rings in Houston:

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When shopping for diamond jewelry would you rather pay wholesale prices or retail prices? In the wonderful world of diamonds and engagement rings there are often uneducated customers and high margins being made. We really feel sorry for customers that get preyed upon by unethical dealers and high priced retailers. Diamond Exchange Houston is a wholesale jewelry store that you can come to and expect to get an amazing deal every time. Because of our low overhead and direct connections in the diamond trade we are able to offer fantastic deals on engagement rings, loose diamonds, and other jewelry.
Diamond Exchange Houston is not set up like typical jewelry stores therefore we are a place where you can buy engagement rings directly from the source. When selecting your engagement ring with us you will have the opportunity to select the setting and the diamond separately. We have many loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes including GIA certified diamonds. We carry all types of settings including solitaire, halo, double halo, 3 stone, and more. You also have the option of creating a completely custom engagement ring.

Expert Guidance When Selecting Your Wedding Jewelry:

When choosing the perfect wedding ring it helps to have an expert guide you through every step of the way. At Diamond Exchange Houston we are here to provide as much help as needed in choosing the perfect engagement ring. We will help educate you on the 4 C’s of the diamonds. We will help you understand the different aspects of each diamond so you will be able to pick out the perfect stone. We can give you advice and recommendations as far as which setting to ultimately choose. We can explain the advantages of creating a completely custom wedding band. Basically, we will hold your hand as much as needed until you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Again, our goal will be to get you the biggest and nicest diamonds and rings for your budget. We are experts in our industry and we are known for satisfying our customers.

Buying An Engagement Ring in Person in Houston VS. Buying Online

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There are a lot of benefits of buying an engagement ring in person at Diamond Exchange Houston vs. buying from an online retailer. The reason why a person might want to buy online is that they think they will be able to get it cheaper. That is true if you compare the prices versus a normal jewelry store. However, Diamond Exchange Houston is not a regular jewelry store. We are a wholesale diamond company where you will be able to buy direct and get unbeatable prices. We can beat the prices of online sites if we are comparing apples to apples.
Another advantage of buying a diamond ring in person from Diamond Exchange Houston is that you will be able to compare multiple diamonds side-by-side to determine which one you like the most. When viewing diamonds online you cannot tell the brilliance factor. A lot of diamonds sold online might look good on paper, however, when they arrive at your doorstep the diamond might look opaque or milky.
Finally, when you buy an engagement ring in person at Diamond Exchange Houston we will be here to educate you every step of the way. We will help you determine which stone is the best bang for your buck. We work with different diamond manufacturers throughout the country and have the capabilities to ship the “perfect diamond” in just for your ring. Also, we have access to thousands of engagement ring settings. We can also manufacture the perfect ring designed specifically for your diamond as we expert custom jewelers. We have an entire custom design department that will create you any type of ring that you can dream of.

Schedule Your Appointment With Diamond Exchange Houston Today

If you are in the market for an engagement ring then schedule your risk-free appointment at Diamond Exchange Houston today! Simply let us know what type of diamond and setting that you are in the market for and what your budget is. We will schedule you for an in-person appointment where you can try on and compare many styles of diamonds and wedding rings. Simply give us a call at 281-623-1105 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you! We are located at 4306 Yoakum Blvd #305 A, Houston, TX 77006.
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