Are you having a hard time deciding between a glorious cushion cut and radiant cut diamonds? The two definitely seem quite comparable. Though they appear much alike, there are a number of key differences between them.

In this article, Diamond Exchange Houston will elaborate on certain features of each diamond shape that should help you decide on one over the other. If you’re debating about the dissimilarities, knowing the key traits of these lookalikes will help hone your knowledge and make the final choice. We invite you to schedule an appointment at Diamond Exchange Houston today to actually compare diamonds and engagement rings in person.

The Designs of Cushion Cut and Radiant Cut Diamonds

At first glance, the large tables, rectangular outlines, and highly brilliant facet patterns are confusing. Nonetheless, when you look closer, a vital design difference in the diamonds’ cut becomes apparent. The corner of these two diamonds is different from each other.

A cushion cut diamond has curved, rounded corners creating a shape that is a part circle and part rectangle. These smooth, curved corners are a beautiful blend of two geometric shapes.

Meanwhile, the corners of a radiant cut diamond are beveled at a sharp 45° angle. This specification adds a depth of angularity to the structure of the stone. Simply by looking at the silhouette of diamond’s corners, you can differentiate between these seemingly identical diamonds.
Cushion cut radiant engagement ring

The Radiant or Cushion Cut Diamond: Which offers the highest brilliance?

The fundamental 4Cs – color, cut, clarity, and carat weight – rule the universe of diamonds. Though an array of factors contributes to the overall fire and brilliance of a diamond, the cut is certainly the most critical thing to take into consideration. In clearer terms, a diamond having superior cut quality will appear more brilliant than a diamond of poor or even fair cut quality.

However, particular diamond shapes are celebrated as they offer more brilliance when compared to other shapes.

Both the radiant and cushion cut belong to the renowned group of ‘brilliant cut’ diamonds. Normally, the radiant cut diamond tends to offer better brilliance than a cushion cut diamond. This can be attributed to the radiant diamond’s larger table and as many as 70 facets that allow stunning reflection of light to create a ‘radiant‘ and astonishing sparkle.

The cushion cut diamond also gracefully reflects light to deliver an impressive brilliance. Nevertheless, the cushion cut is noted more for its fire than its brilliance.

The diverging looks of a cushion cut Vs. a radiant cut stone

The look of a diamond is not merely limited to statistics of dimensions. The persona it channels is equally if not more important than simply following numbers. A cushion cut diamond with its vintage frame delivers an antique character-rich look.

When it comes to radiant cut diamonds, it oozes modern charisma. For connoisseurs looking for the elegance of emerald cut with the brilliance of round diamonds, the radiant cut offers a desirable opportunity.

Is the cushion cut or radiant diamond best for engagement rings?

There is a very heated debate over which shape is the best to use for an engagement ring. The only way to answer this question is to literally compare the 2 shaped diamonds in person. If you are shopping for the main diamond to use in an engagement ring the best way to do it is to compare the diamonds in person.

When our customers are at Diamond Exchange Houston they get to compare stones side by side to choose which one they like the most. Our engagement ring shopping process is a very hands on, visual experience. Customers who buy diamonds online never get to see the true sparkle of the diamonds until they unwrap the FedEx package which can often lead to disappointment. Schedule your appointment today to visit our jewelry store to shop for engagement rings in Houston.

Which cut is more cost-effective?

Both cushion cut and radiant cut diamond offer a great value for money. Unlike a round brilliant diamond, both these cuts retain a greater volume of the rough in the final polished product. When all four parameters of 4C’s remain the same, the prices of a cushion and radiant cut diamonds are nearly similar.

Although the rest may remain the same, the carat weight of a diamond pushes up a diamond’s price. Measurements and more importantly, the length-to-width ratio of a diamond should be emphasized more when looking for the perfect shape. More than a carat weight, optimal dimensions determine how glamorous and how big the diamond will look.

How to choose your ideal bling?

Ultimately, the best way to decide between a radiant vs. a cushion cut diamond is to compare the stones in person side-by-side. You can see diamonds all day long that look really good on paper (a GIA Certificate), however, they do not have astonishing sparkle. So the best way to shop for loose diamonds is to see how the stones appear in real life.

At Diamond Exchange Houston we are a jewelry store known for our amazing prices on wholesale diamonds, engagement rings, and diamond jewelry. If you would like to compare cushion cut diamonds vs. radiant cut diamonds we invite you to schedule an appointment today by simply filling out our contact form or by calling us at 281-623-1105.

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