Spring – the season of all new beginnings – is knocking on the door. From oversized blooms to stunning statement necklaces, the spring of 2020 promises to usher in an attitude of elegance and chutzpah in contemporary fashion. Here are five fascinating diamond jewelry ideas that have been making quite an impressive mark across runways globally. Diamond Exchange Houston offers an array of products and services to choose from. We will definitely have something you will love and adore for life!

Bold Diamond Blooms

The traditional ever-present spring floral motif goes for a stunning upgrade with oversized diamond blooms. Think diamond bloom earrings. Think cabochon rubies and emerald taking the stage as the center stones in decorative flower-shaped earrings where multiple brilliant-cut diamonds constitute the glorious petals. Think a delicate yet intriguing petal-shaped diamond cocktail ring where rose-cut antique diamonds cascade across your fingers adding a decided touch of vintage swank to your twilight tête-à-tête.

Diamond Earrings

halo diamond earrings
Diamond earrings are classic. They never go out of fashion irrespective of seasons and changing trends. Gold and diamond hoop earrings in various elevated and unique silhouettes take the fashion factor to a whole new level. Yellow-gold and diamond patterns have been inspiring fashionistas all over the world. If yellow gold is not your thing, think precious diamond and platinum lace earrings. Subtle and intricate twin diamond layers of front-facing hoops immediately lift your appearance. Undoubtedly, the round hoop is a chic way of accessorizing. The elegantly curved contours of diamond hoop earrings pay homage to the spirit and passion of the 60s. Geometric earrings are a big thing this year. The symphony of unique geometric shapes and angular lines create a spectacular diamond earring. Your little red or black dress can be perfectly complemented by deco-inspired earrings.

Stacked Diamond Bracelet

Subtlety is sometimes overrated, even more so, when you think about cuffs, bracelets, and bangles. Think layers of jewelry displayed all in their glory. Brilliant-cut diamond and clam pearls combined in a striking design make a statement cuff. A flexible wide diamond bracelet is ideal for adding sparkle to your ensemble. The designs can vary from numerous layers to alternating linear arrangements, according to your preference. The glitz of a diamond is pretty much everything you need to liven up a dress. Achieving a bold look is easy when radiant diamonds are added to a rose gold cuff in a pavé setting. A diamond cuff bracelet adds a touch of glory.

Diamonds and Pearl

Diamonds and pearls are a blend made in design heaven. The beautiful luster and exceptional shape of pearls are distinctive in their look and feel. A diamond necklace with pearl pendant is an elegant item to add to your selection. A baroque white pearl is the ideal pendant when completed with diamonds in a white-gold chain. The floral design of a diamond and pearl necklace is perfect for your evening out. Delicate diamond flowers set with a strand of natural pearls create magic by adding a charming accent to your appearance. Making a statement is easy when you flaunt radiant diamond jewelries. Diamond Exchange Houston allows you to choose your own diamonds. It’s time you add these beauties to your jewelry arsenal.

Something Custom

Any girl would love custom jewelry that is one-of-a-kind. It really would mean something special knowing that nobody else has the exact same piece. You could so with a custom pendant, a custom wedding band, custom engagement ring, or even custom earrings. The experts at Diamond Exchange Houston can create any kind of design that you can dream of. Be sure to plan a couple of weeks in advance because there are several stages to creating custom jewelry.

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