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Now that we have stepped into the new decade, it’s time to explore the diamond jewelry trends that promise to rule 2020 while setting the tone for the coming years. Though jewelry trends change over seasons and interpreting jewelry trends is never easy, thankfully diamonds remain a classic favorite. Diamond Exchange Houston hopes the following diamond jewelry trends for 2020 will guide you in the right direction and accessorize you like a fashion pro.

Elongated Diamond Cuts

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Over the last few years, elongated diamond cuts including pear, elongated cushion, emerald, and oval, have skyrocketed in popularity. With celebrities increasingly sporting this style, chic elongated diamonds hold the promise to rule as a favorite. The long, impressive and unique shape not only flatters the wearer but also creates an illusion of bigger size and better brilliance. Diamond Exchange Houston has wholesale prices on diamonds of all shapes and sizes!

Colorful Diamond Jewelry

2020 vows to bring an explosion of color in the world of jewelry. Channeling vibrant intensity of diverse hues and extreme scintillation, fancy colored diamonds are undeniably gorgeous. Colorful diamond engagement rings are an exquisite option for people on the hunt for something completely unconventional yet delicately flamboyant. Apart from colored diamonds, a big rise is expected in other colored gemstones. Think emerald or sapphire and diamond studs or ruby and diamond chandelier earrings. Extremely wearable, these timeless pieces of jewelry add a touch of exceptionalism and unrestrained glamour to any ensemble. Diamond Exchange Houston has an option to make one-of-a-kind custom jewelry.

Oversized Diamond and Yellow Gold Hoops

Hoop earrings never truly left the runways and popular imagination. However, the next season will see them multiplying in size. The classic yellow gold hoops get a powerful makeover with dramatic assimilation of diamonds. Sizable, thick and double-hooped earrings doing justice to the oversized silhouette. The classic gold hoop in chunkier shape in combination with diamonds or other precious gemstones is an excellent choice to embrace the trend. Contact Diamond Exchange for all of your diamond jewelry needs.

Fancy Shaped Diamond Eternity Bands

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Of all diamond jewelry sold globally, the diamond engagement ring remains the biggest draw. Eternity diamonds bands have made a quiet entry in the big league of diamond jewelry over the last years. Their rise in popularity as an elegant and glamorous alternative of the traditional engagement ring is highly anticipated in the coming year. Eternity bands featuring dazzling row of diamonds offer maximum sparkle from all possible angles. Incorporated with fancy shaped diamonds such as emerald or oval cuts, a diamond eternity band is ideal for a bride looking for a statement engagement ring.

Chain Link Diamond Jewelry

Chains simply got bigger on the runway this year. Not limited to necklaces, the chain link design has been reproduced in rings and bracelets. From bold and big singular diamond chain link bracelet to thin diamond chains in multiple layers – chain link diamond jewelry is thought to be the coolest trend that will take over 2020. The trend is getting even bigger – literally and figuratively. The chain link can be best enjoyed in two different styles – multiple pieces layered together for a messy, chic look or a single heavy-duty statement piece. A chain-linked diamond and gold dangle earring is an equally mesmerizing choice to turn heads.

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