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If you are looking for the best place for engagement rings in Houston then you have arrived! Diamond Exchange Houston is a wholesale diamond dealer that offers loose diamonds, diamonds rings, and custom jewelry direct to the public. The best way to shop for diamond jewelry at Diamond Exchange Houston is to schedule an appointment today by filling out our contact form or by simply giving us a call. Give us an idea of what you are in the market for and we will invite you in to compare different diamonds and settings. We have a large selection of diamond rings, wedding rings, loose diamonds, and inventory that **are not listed online so contact us today to find out more!

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What Should You Consider When Shopping For Engagement Rings?

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There are two main things to look for when buying an engagement ring: the main diamond and the setting. In this section, we will elaborate on how to shop for an engagement ring and some things to consider. When working with Diamond Exchange Houston we will be here to help guide you through the entire process. We will educate you on the different aspects to look for when shopping for the perfect wedding ring.

  1. The Center Diamond:  The center diamond is the main stone in the engagement ring.  This, in our opinion, is the most important part when buying an engagement ring.  Often, it is also the most expensive part.  The center diamond can come in all shapes and sizes. Diamonds are evaluated by the 4 C’s which are color, carat, cut, and clarity.  When selecting the main diamond the experts at Diamond Exchange Houston will help you understand the different aspects of each diamond.  You will be able to compare different loose diamonds side by side and look at the stones with a loupe (magnifying glass).  Typically one diamond will stand out to you and that will be the special one for you to adore! Below are the shapes of diamonds to choose from for the main diamond for your ring :).
    Loose Diamonds To Choose From
  2. The Setting:  The setting is the actual ring itself that holds the center diamond in place.  There are literally thousands of styles of engagement ring settings available.  Settings can be very simple like a solitaire setting or they can be very extravagant and contain multiple layers and different types of stones.  Diamond Exchange Houston has hundreds of styles available for you to consider.  We also specialize in custom engagement rings.  If there is a particular engagement ring style that you would need to be made from scratch then we can handle your requests.  Our customers will often have an idea of what they want their engagement rings to look like before they contact us. Some customers bring in pictures that they have seen online on websites like Pinterest. Other people are brand new to shopping for wedding rings and are open to our suggestions.  Trust the experts at Diamond Exchange Houston to make this process as enjoyable as possible and to help you get the perfect ring!

Why Should You Shop For Engagement Rings at Diamond Exchange Houston?

If you are in the market for an engagement ring then you have to check out Diamond Exchange Houston. Most people come to us through referrals or after searching online for the best place to buy engagement rings in Houston. We are not set up at all like a traditional jewelry store. We are diamond dealers located in an office building in the Montrose area of Houston on Richmond Avenue.

The main thing that sets Diamond Exchange Houston apart from other diamond dealers is our wholesale prices on diamonds and engagement rings. We do not have the high overhead like other fancy jewelry stores therefore we pass the savings along to our customers. Engagement rings that might cost $10,000 at other jewelers you can buy from Diamond Exchange Houston for only $7500 (just an example). Your goal when buying an engagement ring should be to get the biggest and nicest diamonds possible.

We have better prices than buying online retailers like Blue Nile and James Allen. Customers who shop for diamonds and engagement rings online do not get the luxury of being able to compare the diamonds and rings side-by-side. At Diamond Exchange Houston you will have the opportunity to compare the diamonds and rings to each other to see which ones you like the most.

When you schedule an appointment with us you will be working with a diamond expert who is going to walk you through the entire process. You will have the opportunity to compare different shapes and sizes of diamonds side by side. You will be able to try on different ring styles to see which one you like the best. You will also have the opportunity to talk about a custom design.

At Diamond Exchange Houston there is no fancy lighting that we try to trick you with. You will have the ability to view the diamonds with a loupe (magnifying glass) to see the actual clarity of the diamonds. We will educate you as much as you like that way you fully understand what it is that you are purchasing.

Where To Buy Wholesale Diamond Rings in Houston, TX?

Wholesale Engagement Rings in Houston
Diamond Exchange Houston is not like normal retail jewelry stores like Robbins Brothers, Kay’s, or Jared’s. We are wholesale diamond dealers that offer diamonds and jewelry directly to the public. That means you eliminate the middleman when you shop with us because you will not be paying outrageous markups on your diamonds and jewelry. We offer wholesale diamond rings, wholesale wedding rings, and wholesale engagement rings Houston where you can get larger diamonds for better prices!

At normal retail jewelry stores, you are going to have to pay higher prices for diamond engagement rings. These stores have tremendous overhead due to their fancy jewelry display setups, staff salaries, and high-cost marketing budget. At Diamond Exchange Houston you will be able to avoid the high markups because you will be going through a wholesale diamond jewelry store. Our goal is always to get you the biggest and nicest diamonds and engagement rings for your particular budget! Retail jewelry stores prices simply cannot compare. We will even be able to beat the prices and quality that you find from different online vendors like Blue Nile or James Allen.

What Types Of Engagement Rings Offered At Diamond Exchange Houston?

Diamond Rings available at Diamond Exchange Houston

When it comes to shopping for engagement rings there are many different styles to choose from. Setting can be very simple or they can be extremely elaborate. In this section, we will educate you on most of the wedding ring styles that we have available to choose from:

  • Solitaire Engagement Ring:  A solitaire setting is just a thin piece of metal without diamonds that encompasses a prong to hold the center diamond.  A solitaire allows the focus to be on the main diamond of the engagement ring.  They also look really good once you add a diamond wedding band alongside it.
    Solitaire Engagement Rings
  • Halo Engagement Ring:  A halo setting is where there are small diamonds around the circumference of the main stone.  The halo setting can make the center diamond look bigger because of the extra layer of diamonds.
    halo engagement rings
  • Three Stone Engagement Ring:  A three-stone setting has smaller diamonds on each side of the main stone.  The side diamonds can be the same shape as the center diamond or different (Ex: Round diamond with pairs on each side).
    three stone engagement rings
  • Split Shank Engagement Ring: A split shank setting is where the metal on the shank splits to meet at the top of the main diamond.  Split shanks can give the illusion of having two bands.
    split shank engagement rings
  • Double Halo Engagement Ring:  The double halo is similar to the halo, however, there is two rows of diamonds around the main stone.  The double halo can easily provide a lot bigger look to the engagement ring.
    double halo engagement rings
  • Channel Set Engagement Ring:  In a channel set engagement ring there is metal on each side of the diamonds in the setting.  Channel set diamonds are held in the mounting very securely and rarely lost.
    channel set engagement rings
  • Bezel Set Engagement Ring:  In a bezel setting there is metal around the main center diamond.  This type of setting hold the center diamond in extremely securely, however, it can detract from the diamonds brilliance.
    bezel set engagement rings
  • Pave Set Engagement Ring:  Pave settings are where the diamonds in the mounting are held in by beads of metal.  This gives the diamonds maximum light dispersion, however, it is not as secure as the channel set.
    pave set engagement rings
  • Custom Engagement Ring:  You can also elect for a completely custom engagement ring.  This is where the ring will first be drawn on a computer (CAD), then made into a wax form, then cast into the metal of your choice.  Diamond Exchange Houston is experts at making custom engagement rings.
    Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

This list should give you a good idea of the types of engagement ring settings that we offer at Diamond Exchange Houston. If you are unsure still of what type of style you want you are more than welcome to come in and try on rings to compare them first hand.

Houston Wedding Rings and Wedding Bands

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After you have selected the perfect engagement ring for your bride-to-be you are going to eventually have to get a wedding band to go with it. As tradition goes, a woman normally starts wearing a wedding ring the day the couple actually gets married. A wedding band is put on as an addition to the engagement ring. Wedding rings come in all shapes and sizes. They can match and hug the current engagement ring or they don’t have to match at all. It is up to personal preference. Diamond Exchange Houston has a large selection of wedding rings. You can choose from our inventory or you have the option to make a custom wedding band.

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