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Thank You for visiting Diamond Exchange Houston. We are third-generation diamond dealers that specialize in engagement rings in Houston. The goal when buying an engagement ring should be to get the most gorgeous ring possible for your particular budget. Let the experts at Diamond Exchange Houston help you obtain the engagement ring of your dreams!
We are not your typical jewelry store that has overpriced diamonds and jewelry. We are diamond wholesalers that will allow you to get the maximum bang for your buck. So whether you know exactly what you want or you are still new to the engagement ring buying process we are here to help you out. Fill out our contact form today to schedule an appointment or give us a call. We look forward to making your dreams a reality!

How To Shop For Diamond Rings in Houston

Diamond Rings available at Diamond Exchange Houston

There are two main things to look for when buying an engagement ring. In this section, we will elaborate on how to shop for an engagement ring and some things to consider. When working with Diamond Exchange Houston we will be here to help guide you through the entire process. We will educate you on the different aspects to look for when evaluating the perfect ring.

  1. The Center Diamond:  The center diamond is the main stone in the engagement.  This in our opinion is the most important part to select when buying an engagement ring.  Often, it is also the most expensive part.  The center diamond can come in all shapes and sizes. Diamonds are evaluated by the 4 C’s which are color, carat, cut, and clarity.  When selecting the main diamond the experts at Diamond Exchange Houston will help you understand the different aspects to each diamond.  You will be able to compare different loose diamonds side by side and look at the stones with a loupe (magnifying glass).  Typically one diamond will stand out to you and that will be the special one for you to adore!
  2. The Setting:  The setting is the actual ring itself that holds the center diamond in place.  The are literally thousands of styles of settings available.  Settings can be very simple like a solitaire setting or they can be very extravagant and contain multiple layers and different types of stones.  Diamond Exchange Houston has hundreds of styles available for you to consider.  We also specialize in custom engagement rings.  So if there is a particular ring that you would need made from scratch then we can handle your requests.  Our customers will often have an idea of what they want their engagement ring to look like before they contact us, however, others are open to our suggestions.  Trust the experts at Diamond Exchange Houston to make this process as enjoyable as possible!

Diamond Exchange Houston is a wholesale diamond dealer that is open to the public. The best way to shop for an engagement ring with us is to fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment or call us today at 281-623-1105 .

Wholesale Engagement Rings in Houston, TX

Wholesale Engagement Rings in Houston
Diamond Exchange Houston is not a normal retail jewelry store. We are wholesale diamond dealers that offer diamonds and jewelry directly to the public. That means when you shop with us you will not be paying crazy markups on your diamonds and jewelry. We offer Houston wholesale engagement rings where you can get higher quality for better prices! At your normal retail store, you are going to have to pay for their overhead for their fancy jewelry display setups and high-cost marketing budget. At Diamond Exchange Houston you will be able to avoid the high markups because you will be going through a wholesale diamond jeweler. You will be able to select the diamonds for your engagement rings. We will educate you on the 4 C’s of each diamond and you will be able to inspect each diamond using a loupe (magnifying glass). Our goal is always to get you the biggest and nicest diamonds and engagement rings for your particular budget!

Types Of Engagement Ring Settings Offered At Diamond Exchange Houston:

When it comes to shopping for engagement rings there are many different styles to choose from. Setting can be very simple or they can be extremely elaborate. In this section, we will educate you on most of the wedding ring styles that we have available to choose from:

  • Solitaire Setting:  A solitaire setting is just a thin piece of metal without diamonds that encompasses a prong to hold the center diamond.  Solitaire allows he focus to be on the main diamond of the engagement ring.  They also look really good once you add a diamond wedding band along side it.
  • Halo Setting:  A halo setting is where there are small diamonds around the circumference of the main stone.  The halo setting can make the center diamond look bigger because of the extra layer of diamonds.
  • Three Stone Setting:  A three stone setting has smaller diamonds on each side of the main stone.  The side diamonds can be the same shape as the center diamond or different (Ex: Round diamond with pairs on each side).
  • Split Shank Setting: A split shank setting is where the metal on the shank splits to meet at the top of the main diamond.  Split shanks can give the illusion of having two bands
  • Double Halo Setting:  The double halo is similar to the halo, however, there is two rows of diamonds around the main stone.  The double halo can easily provide a lot bigger look to the engagement ring.
  • Channel Setting:  In a channel set engagement ring there is metal on each side of the diamonds in the setting.  Channel set diamonds are held in the mounting very securely and rarely lost.
  • Bezel Setting:  In a bezel setting there is metal around the main center diamond.  This type of setting hold the center diamond in extremely securely, however, it can retract from the diamonds brilliance
  • Pave Setting:  Pave settings are where the diamonds in the mounting are held in by beads of metal.  This gives the diamonds maximum light dispersion, however, it is not as secure as the channel set.
  • Custom Engagement Rings:  You can also elect for a completely custom engagement ring.  This is where the ring is first made with drawing on a computer (CAD), then wax form, then cast into the metal of your choice.  Diamond Exchange Houston is experts at making custom engagement rings.

This list should give you a good idea of the types of engagement ring settings that we offer at Diamond Exchange Houston. If you are unsure still of what type of style you want we will gladly give you tips and experts advice.

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