You have a halo engagement ring and you are now wanting to fit a wedding band with it. There are a lot of variations to consider when working with halo engagement rings to find a well-fitting wedding band. In this post, we will educate you on what types of wedding bands will fit well with your particular halo ring. Diamond Exchange Houston is an engagement ring expert that has helped 1000’s of customers get the perfect wedding band.

How is your halo engagement ring built?

The first step in determining what type of wedding band will fit perfect is to understand how your halo and ring are built. Some rings have halos that sit up high, while others sit low. If a halo is sitting up high, then you can slide a wedding band underneath it and it will fit flush to the engagement ring. In other circumstances, in order to get the wedding band to fit perfect you will need to custom make the wedding band so it curves around the halo to make it fit perfect. Both options of wedding bands are offered and available at Diamond Exchange Houston.

Custom Wedding Band For A Halo Engagement Ring

If you have the type of halo ring that you need to make a custom wedding band for then Diamond Exchange Houston can help you out. One of our main services is custom designed jewelry where we can create any type of jewelry desired. When we create a custom wedding band for a halo engagement ring we will make it to fit perfectly which will eliminate any gaps. The custom design process takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

Different Wedding Band Styles:

Here are some different examples of the different types of wedding bands that are used with halo engagement rings. As you can see from the picture below, wedding bands can come in a variety of different styles.
3 halo engagement rings with wedding bands
3.20 CTW Vintage Engagement Ring and Band
1.50 CTW GIA Pear Engagement Ring and Band
1.25 CTW Oval Halo Engagement Ring and Band
1.60 CTW Princess Engagement Ring and Band3.95 CTW Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands

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