At Diamond Exchange Houston our most popular products are engagement rings and wedding bands. When we sell these rings they often will need to be resized.

Sometimes our customers know the ring size before they purchase it so we can resize it before the proposal. Other times, our customers will propose first and then come back to get it resized. In either case, there is a cost to resize rings and in this post we will go over the different prices and variables.

resize rings

What Does Resizing a Ring Mean?

When you resize a ring you simply make it larger or smaller so it can fit on a persons finger comfortably. Jewelers are able to reconstruct a ring to fit a your finger by using their special tools.

The standard size that rings are manufactured is typically 6 or 6.5. So, when customers purchase rings from us we will typically resize it for them. If it is a custom engagement ring then we will create the ring already with the desired size.

How Much Do We Charge To Resize A Ring?

The cost to resize a ring is not a one size fits all price. The average price range we typically see to resize our customers rings is typically anywhere from $50 to $200.

Sometimes when we sell our customers an engagement ring or wedding band we are able to work the numbers to where the cost of sizing is included in the purchase price. Every sale and every deal done at Diamond Exchange Houston is different!

Variables That Determine The Cost Of Resizing A Ring:

There are many different variables that influence the price differences on the cost to resize a ring including:

  • Type Of Metal (14k, 10k, Platinum, Etc.)
  • How Much Sizing is Needed
  • Special Ring Structure
  • Other Variables

Schedule Your Appointment Today:

Did you purchase an engagement ring or wedding band from Diamond Exchange Houston and need to have it resized? Great, simply reach out to us and schedule an appointment to get your ring worked on.

Diamond Exchange Houston does not have a public jeweler therefore we only resize and do jewelry repairs on original customers who purchased from us. To get started with the resizing process or to shop diamond jewelry simply fill out our contact form or call us today at 281-623-1105.

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