This is the age-old question. How much should a man spend when buying his woman an engagement ring? We actually get asked this question a lot while servicing our clients at Diamond Exchange Houston. There is no right or wrong answer necessarily. This question will always be a topic to debate.

The main objective of an engagement ring is to symbolize a lifelong commitment to the woman you are truly in love with. When a man gets down on one knee and proposes to a woman she is more than likely going to be expecting a ring of some sort of value. The question to be answered is- “How much money does a man need to be spending when purchasing an engagement ring”?

In this article, the diamond experts at Diamond Exchange Houston will give you our best advice on how much to spend. We will also give you different ideas on how to make your money go further when shopping for an engagement ring.

Does The 3 Months Salary Suggestion Work?

3 months salary
One saying that has stood the test of time is that a man should spend 2 months of his salary’s worth on his girl’s engagement ring. That means if a man makes $50k a year then her should spend $12k on the engagement ring. I think it all depends on how much that man has in his bank account at the time. Because if he just started his job making $50k a year then he probably doesn’t have $12k saved up for the engagement ring because he has bills to pay. So, there are so many variables that go into deciding how much one should spend on an engagement ring.

It Depends On The Girl

When it comes to deciding how much to spend on an engagement ring it can all revolve around the particular female that a man is buying for. Some girls are very simple and just want something simple. She might say something like- “Whatever you get me honey I will be happy with”. Other girls are expecting at least 3 carats because that is what their sister got and they need to compete. So every scenario is different depending on what will make the girl happy.

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

The key to buying an engagement ring is to get the best possible diamond and ring for your budget. Not all jewelry stores have the same prices. For example, a ring you might be able to purchase at Diamond Exchange Houston for only $3,000 might sell for $5,500 at a retail jewelry store. When you shop for engagement rings at a wholesale engagement ring dealer like The Diamond Exchange you can get a bigger and nicer diamond for your budget! So, if you are trying to decide how much to spend on an engagement ring then you also need to make sure that you are going to a jewelry store that offers great deals!

Ask The Experts How Much To Spend

If you are still not sure exactly how much to spend on an engagement ring then simply come into Diamond Exchange Houston today and talk to us. We have helped thousands of customers get the engagement ring of their dreams. We are very good at guiding you in what engagement ring to choose. We are very patient and we will be glad to show you numerous options. To get started give us a call today at 281-623-1105 or fill out our form on our contact page. We look forward to working with you!

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