How Much Is Your Jewelry Worth When It Comes Time To Sell It?

Do you have some items of jewelry that you would like to sell? Perhaps you would like to know the best way to sell jewelry. In this post we will thoroughly explain how to sell jewelry, where to sell jewelry, how much you can expect when do go to sell your jewelry, and how to get the most cash for jewelry.

Diamond Exchange Houston is diamond buyers and jewelry buyers that have been buying and selling diamonds, engagement rings, and jewelry for over a decade. Every day we work with customers on ways to get them the most cash for their jewelry. To get a FREE estimate on how much your jewelry is worth then simply fill out our contact form or call us today.
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Everything You Need To Know When Selling Jewelry:

When it comes time to sell your jewelry then you need to be prepared and have as much information as possible that way that you know you are getting a fair price. Sometimes customers have know idea what kind of jewelry they have or how much it is worth and those are the kind of customers that might get taken advantage of by greedy, nonethical jewelry buyers. By reading this entire post you will be educated enough to know you are getting the right amount of money for your precious jewelry.

Step #1. Know Your Jewelry

The first step when it comes to selling your jewelry is to know exactly what it is that you have. Having as much information as possible on your jewelry will help you to know that you are getting a fair purchase price. Some good things to know about your jewelry are:

  • What type of metal is it made from (10k gold, 14k, gold, 18k gold, 22k gold, silver or platinum)
  • Know the details of the diamonds: How many, total carat weight, carat size, and diamond quality (The 4 C’s)
  • How much does your jewelry weigh?
  • Are there any designer pieces like Tiffany because some designer pieces are worth more
  • Are there any valuable gemstones (for example: emeralds, sapphires, rubies, etc.)

Step #2. Research Places That Buy Jewelry

Once you have figured out exactly what you have in your jewelry then the next step is to find a place that is willing to pay you maximum value. It will help to do a simple Google search using a search term like “sell jewelry near me”. This will bring up local places that are near you that you can take your jewelry into to get FREE estimates. Also, look for places online that you can sell to or list your jewelry online.

Step #3. Get FREE Estimates

Once you have found several places that buy jewelry the next step is to take your jewelry around to get and get FREE estimates. Some place that you go to might require appointments while other places you can simply walk in. It is their job to examine, weigh, and grade your jewelry to get a cash offer to you. This will take a little leg work and effort on your part but this is how you will get the most money. One place you might take it to might offer you $1000 cash and the place right down the road might offer you $1500 so the effort is worth it.

If you find a place online that is interested in purchasing your jewelry they are going to ultimately need you to send it to them in the mail. Do not worry or stress about sending your jewelry in the mail because it is something that diamond dealers do every day.  When diamond jewelry stores sell diamonds online the ship is insured overnight most of the time.  You will just need to send it insured. The bad part about selling jewelry online and shipping it is that the amount that they offer you over the phone might be a completely different amount once they receive and examine your jewelry. This is something that happens all the time. These types of companies have been known to bait you in with a high amount so that you are willing to ship it and then once they receive it the amount suddenly changes.

Step #4. Consider Jewelry Consignment

Depending on what type of jewelry that you have then jewelry consignment might be an option. If you have some pieces that are valuable and you are not in a hurry for the cash this option can often get you a lot more money than selling it the same day. Diamond Exchange Houston has sold 100’s of items on consignment for our customers. There are not a lot of companies that offer jewelry consignment but if you do enough research you might find a company that thinks that your item(s) might be a good fit for the consignment option. These companies will sell for a small fee once sold but it has the possibility to get you a lot more money.

Where are the best places to sell jewelry?

In this section we will give you some of the best options to consider when it comes time to sell your jewelry. You need to do your own research based on what type of jewelry that you have and the time frame in which you need the money.

Option #1- Sell to a local jewelry buyer

Selling to a local jewelry buyer is probably the simplest option and will get you quick cash. Simply do a Google search like “sell jewelry near me” and you will see a list of places, their Google reviews, and their distance from your current location. We suggest to take it to multiple places and get them to make you a cash offer. Some of these places may require an appointment so it is best to call beforehand.

Option #2- Cash For Gold Stores

It all depends on what your jewelry entails, but your typical “Cash for Gold” stores can be a great resource to sell your jewelry. If your jewelry does not contain any large diamonds (diamonds over 1 carat) then your typical Cash 4 Gold store could be a great outlet to sell your jewelry. Simply walk into one of those stores, get an offer, then move on to the next to see who will pay you the most!


Option #3- Sell Your Jewelry Online

If you are brave enough and can trust a company enough you have the option to sell jewelry online. There are many places to sell your jewelry online so you are going to need to do your own research to find the company that best fits your needs. Here are a couple options to sell your jewelry online:

    • Facebook Marketplace: If you have a Facebook account then you have access to Facebook Marketplace. It is a very simple to use app/website that allows you to list your diamonds, engagement rings, wedding bands, and other types of jewelry online for sale.
    • Ebay: Selling on jewelry on Ebay is simple as well. Just set up an account to today and start taking pictures. List earrings, diamond rings, necklaces, tennis bracelets and more.
    • Craigslist: Craigslist is also a possibility but you will have to be brave enough. Deals are made on Craigslist everyday, however, it does have some horror stories. Just make sure that you feel safe before meeting a stranger to sell jewelry.
    • Etsy: Another easy one to sell jewelry on is Etsy. You can simply create an account with your smartphone and an email address. Start taking pictures of rings and jewelry, list them on your account, and you are making money on Etsy if you find a buyer.
    • Smart Phone Apps:  There are many apps these days that let you post jewelry for sale such as: OfferUp, Letgo, Etc.

Get A FREE Estimate For Selling Jewelry:

If you have jewelry to sell and would like to get a FREE Estimate on the value of your jewelry then Diamond Exchange Houston is here to help. You can call us or send an inquiry and we will do our best to give you an estimate of the probable resale value of your jewelry over the phone. Also, you are welcome to schedule an appointment to meet with our Houston diamond buyers at our jewelry store.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the best place to sell jewelry?

Every jewelry buyer has his price on what he/she would pay for different types of jewelry.  It is best to show your jewelry around to multiple places to see who will pay you the most.  You can try to sell to local jewelry stores, sell jewelry online, and even certain apps your phone.  Our advice is to get multiple estimates and offers then sell to whoever pays you the most money.

Do engagement rings have a good resale value?

When you go to sell an engagement ring the main thing that a jewelry buyer looks at is the main diamond.  The main diamond is what holds most of the value in an engagement ring.  You engagement ring will have a decent resale value if the main diamond is over a carat.  When the diamonds are small on a ring there is not as much value.

How much is my jewelry worth?

Your jewelry is worth what someone is willing to pay you for it.  It is best to check with multiple places to see what it is worth to them.  Once you have done your due diligence and you feel comfortable then sell it and be done with it.

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