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    Are you looking for the best deals on lab grown diamonds in Houston? If so, you are in the right place. Diamond Exchange Houston offers lab grown diamonds of all shapes and sizes. The easiest way to get prices or to book an appointment is to fill out our contact form with what you are in the market for or call us today at 281-623-1105. We also have a large selection of engagement rings and jewelry to choose from. Our team is here to help you find the diamond of your dreams. We look forward to hearing from you!

    If you’re interested in learning more about lab grown diamonds, we can walk you through the process and explain what makes them so special. Lab-grown diamonds come with many advantages over mined diamonds, besides being eco-friendly. One of the biggest advantages with these types of diamonds is that you can get a much larger and higher quality diamond for the money!

    Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

    Types Of Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry We Offer:

    Diamond Exchange Houston is most known for our outstanding selection and wholesale prices on engagement rings however there are other types of jewelry that we offer including:

    • Certified Lab Grown Diamonds
    • Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings
    • Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Bands
    • Lab Grown Diamond Pendants
    • Lab Grown Diamond Earrings
    • Lab Grown Diamond Custom Jewelry

    We now offer full line of jewelry available made from lab grown diamonds.  The synthetic diamond trend has been extremely popular this year and we do not see it slowing down anytime soon.  If you would like to visit our Houston jewelry store and compare diamonds simply fill out our contact form or give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

    Schedule Your Appointment To Shop For Lab Grown Diamonds Today:

    If you are in the market to buy a lab grown diamond then schedule an appointment at Diamond Exchange Houston today. To schedule an appointment simply call us today at 281-623-1105 or click the “schedule an appointment” button below. Let us know what shape and size diamond that you are in the market for and your approximate budget. When you come into Diamond Exchange Houston to shop for diamonds you will be able to compare different diamonds side-by-side and get fully educated on what you are buying. Our customers really enjoy being able to see the diamonds in person and have a great time working with us. It is a very fun experience being able to shop for lab grown diamonds in person at Diamond Exchange Houston :).
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    What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

    lab grown diamond engagement rings
    Lab grown diamonds are exactly like the sound- a diamond that is grown in a lab. These man-made diamonds look exactly the same as mined diamonds and have the same chemical makeup as the real thing. Even looking at the diamonds with a loupe or magnifying glass it is nearly impossible to tell the difference.

    Lab grown diamonds are actually grown in heated growth chambers that take approximately 30 days to create. Upon completion of the growth process, the diamonds are then cut and polished. These synthetic diamonds even have inclusions (imperfections or flaws) that look exactly like natural inclusions that you see in mined diamonds.

    The Pros and Cons of Lab Created Diamonds

    lab created diamonds
    Are lab grown diamonds right for you? You are going to need to weigh the positives and negatives of a man-made diamond for yourself. The first benefit of a synthetic diamond is that it is less expensive than a natural diamond. You can expect to pay about 30%-50% less for lab created diamond vs. a natural diamond. Another advantage of a lab grown diamond is that you know that somebody didn’t get harmed for the diamond so you can proudly wear your engagement ring guilt-free. Lastly, a lab created diamond is still a real diamond and people will not be able to tell unless you inform them.

    The cons of a lab grown diamond is that is by no means an investment. If you ever go to try to sell a man made diamond you will discover that there is not a strong second hand market for them. Diamond dealers do not normally purchase lab grown diamonds from the public therefore there is very little resale value of lab grown diamonds. Diamond Exchange Houston does purchase lab grown diamonds as well as offer our jewelry consignment program should you ever need to sell/liquidate.

    Natural diamonds, on the other hand, are easily sellable and can increase in value with time. Another con of a lab created diamond is the way it could make you feel. You could possibly feel as though you are wearing something that is not the real thing. Almost like having a fake Gucci purse. This is a personal preference and everybody is different so if it does not bother you then go for it.

    Shop For Lab Grown Diamonds in Houston

    If you are in the market to purchase a lab grown diamond then contact Diamond Exchange Houston today. We have a large selection of loose diamonds of all shapes, styles, and sizes to choose from. You can visit our Houston jewelry store in person and you will have the ability to compare lab grown vs. natural diamonds to determine your preference. Diamond Exchange Houston is known for our amazing deals on wholesale diamonds and engagement rings. To get started please fill out our contact form or call us today at 281-623-1105.

    Happy Customers

    Great place to deal with! They went above and beyond to help me find the perfect ring for my fiancé.. will def be back!!
    Thomas M
    Thomas M
    I purchased our original engagement ring from Nic years ago.. I had some specifics I wanted, Nic listen to understand as opposed to listen to respond. I didn't feel like I was being sold to like all of the other places, he was giving me a real solution to a big decision. Fast forward years later when I decided to upgrade it was a no brainer to go see Nic. Seamless experience from start to finish. It's the hardest flex when I tell people I got a diamond guy. Thanks for the help Nic.
    Coleman Moore
    Coleman Moore
    I purchased an engagements ring from Diamond Exchange Houston Tx, The service was great. Nic my salesman was great he explained to me about the Diamond I was buying. Thank you guys at the Diamond Exchange Houston Tx.
    Iris Taylor
    Iris Taylor
    🌟 Impressed with the exceptional customer service at Diamond Exchange! Sold my ring effortlessly, thanks to Nic and the knowledgeable team. Highly recommend their expertise and seamless experience! 💎✨
    Nathaniel Nelson
    Nathaniel Nelson
    After searching for the perfect ring, Nick and crew at Houston Diamond Exchange blew me away with a custom design! The price came in lower than originally thought, a level of honesty from the team means everything, they could have easily charged me for what was initially quoted but said it cost a tab bit less than we originally thought. My girlfriend didn’t like the ring at all-she LOVED it! Appreciate it!
    marjorie ventura
    marjorie ventura
    A good friend recommended me to go to this place to get my ring sold ! I contacted them and the response was immediately, very kind, responsable and professional people. They def look for the best option for you! If you need to sell or buy this is the right place to go ! 100% recommended
    ron lam
    ron lam
    I am a very picky customer that was shopping for the perfect diamond for an engagement ring. I met with Gili and he was beyond patient with me until I found the perfect diamond. He showed me several diamonds that meet my criteria until I found the diamond that I wanted to use. The engagement ring came out perfect. I will continue buying from Diamond Exchange Houston for all of my diamond needs.
    Tokunbo Banjo
    Tokunbo Banjo
    Gil & Nic were so great to work with. I made last minute changes and they were more than accommodating. If you’re still on the fence about going with them, jump the fence lol. You will not regret it!
    Michael Gilmore
    Michael Gilmore
    We looked any many places to trust with the sell of our Diamond before deciding to give Diamond Exchange a try. Indeed we we were not sure how things would go, but the process is transparent and no stress. We got a great offer within a few days but it was not quite what we were asking for. The team put no pressure on us to sell. We waited a few weeks more, then got our full asking price - bam! Thx Nic and crew for all your help. I’d recommend them to get your sale done as well.
    Wally Marshall
    Wally Marshall
    We went here and they exceeded our highest expectations! They were so personable and greeted us by name every time we met. We found the PERFECT diamond and setting and independent appraisal. We were so beyond pleased that we asked them to do a ring guard and they definitely will be doing more for us in the future. My husband was a skeptic going into this process and these gentlemen made a believer out of him! Thanks guys! One happy wife here! - Connie Marshall

    Lab Grown Diamond Faqs:

    Are lab grown diamonds cheaper than natural diamonds?

    Yes, lab grown diamonds are a lot more affordable than natural diamonds!

    Can you tell the difference between a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond?

    No, Even diamond experts with a 10x magnifying loupe cannot tell the difference.  There are only 3 ways to tell that a diamond has been grown in a lab.  The 1st way is if the diamond has been laser inscribed with a certificate number  or  "lab grown".  The second way is if you have a diamond tester that tests specifically for lab grown diamonds vs. natural diamonds.  A normal diamond tester will test a lab-grown diamond as a normal diamond.  The 3rd and final way to tell the difference is by sending the diamond to a laboratory like GIA or IGI.

    How are lab grown diamonds made?

    Lab grown diamonds are made just like they sound- they are grown in a lab!  We take a seed of a natural diamond and by using special equipment we actually grow a much larger rough diamond.  Then the rough diamond is sent to our diamond cutters to be cut and polished.

    Are lab grown diamonds certified?

    Yes, the lab grown diamonds that we offer at Diamond Exchange Houston do come with certificates.  We stock both IGI Certified and GIA Certified lab grown diamonds.  The diamonds we offer are also laser inscribed with the certificate number :).

    Where can I buy lab grown diamonds in Houston?

    The best place to purchase lab grown diamonds in Houston is at Diamond Exchange Houston. We keep a large selection of lab grown diamonds at all times at our wholesale jewelry store in Houston. We also have engagement ring settings to choose from and we can create custom engagement rings.

    How to buy a lab grown diamond from Diamond Exchange Houston?

    The best way to shop for diamonds with us is to schedule an appointment to come in and compare our selection. You can also call us at 281-623-1105 to learn more about our lab grown diamond inventory and prices.

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