The most important part and often the most expensive part of an engagement ring is the main diamond. A girl usually has a favorite shaped diamond that she wants to use as the main diamond in her ring. In this article we will discuss the most popular diamond cuts used in engagement rings. At Diamond Exchange Houston our goal is always to get our customers the biggest and nicest diamond for your particular budget. If you are in the market for diamonds or engagement rings then contact Diamond Exchange Houston today by filling out our contact form or by calling us at 281-623-1105.

The cut of the center stone in a diamond engagement ring makes all the difference. Deciding which shape of diamond appeals to you is an excellent place to start. When it comes to finding the diamond ring of your dreams, thinking about which diamond cut you would like should be a priority.

There are innumerable diamond cuts available, from the famous round brilliant to the fancy cushion, you’ll be inundated with choices. Each cut of the diamond reflects light in their inimitable fashion. Their diversity of cuts, shapes, and overall appearance determine how the final ring looks.

Top Diamond Cuts Used In Engagement Rings

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Whether you’re looking for something vintage, modern, low-key, or outrageous, these eight most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings are what you will see a married woman wearing most of the time on her finger. In this section we will rank them from most popular to least popular:

Round Cut

Round cut is undoubtedly the most popular diamond shape among them all. Its circular shape maximizes the stone’s fire. Round, brilliant cut diamonds are perfect for solitaires, twin and three-stone settings as well as geometric settings. This is the best choice for brides who prefer all things classic.

Princess Cut

The renowned princess cut is another wildly popular style of diamond cut. The versatile face-up appearance of a princess cut is the prime choice for a sleek yet classy engagement ring. The princess cut costs less than the round cut diamond, yet offers a geometrically modern look.

Cushion Cut

Rounded corner combined with a square-cut much like the shape of a pillow makes a glorious cushion cut. The classic 58 massive facets enhance the diamond’s brilliance. Crafted during the 18th century, the cushion cut diamond was then referred as old mine cut. Cushion cut diamond has made a roaring comeback in the recent years.

Oval Cut

The oval cut diamond in its oval contour offers identical brilliance of the round cut. The oblong shape with its elegant sparkly features creates the illusion of a long finger. Nonetheless, a poorly cut oval diamond will definitely suffer from the “bowtie” plague as well as the inclusions and other flaws. A salt-and-pepper oval diamond will address this issue by simply making these inclusions an essential aspect of the look.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut has been celebrated for its uncommon Art Deco aesthetic. The emerald cut is characterized by its open table, cropped corners, and rectangular step cuts. Unlike the round or princess cut it offers understated sparkle known as “hall-of-mirrors” effect. The angular lines and long silhouette showcase the diamond’s clarity while spectacularly catching the light.

Marquise Cut

The regal feel of a marquise cut sets it apart from others. Its differentiated silhouette is highlighted by pointed ends and curved sides. Its narrow and long shape creates the sought-after illusion of bigger size while elongating the finger when positioned vertically. However, pointed edges mean an increased risk of breakage and chipping unless set properly. On the other hand, a noticeable “bowtie” effect of dark space can appear at the center of a marquise diamond if the stone’s not cut well.

Radiant Cut

True to its title, the radiant cut diamond actually catches the light magnificently. The timeless features of this shape mimic the emerald cut whereas its deeply cut facets offer that extra sparkle. The radiant cut having eight corners also has minimal chances of breakage or chipping.

Heart Cut

The eternal emblem of love, the contemporary heart cut diamonds are special symbols for the hopelessly romantic. A complicated cut, the heart diamond shows excellent sparkle and exquisite symmetry of silhouette.
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