You have an engagement ring laying around that you are no longer going to wear or use. This could be an old engagement ring from a divorce that is final or even an extra one lying around because you upgraded to a bigger one a few years back.

The purpose of this article is to give you ideas and options that are available to you if you have an old engagement ring in your possession that you will not wear ever again. Diamond Exchange Houston buys, sells, exchanges, and customizes engagement rings so we will be happy to help you figure this out.

Top 5 Options For Your Old Engagement Ring:

1. Get Cash For Your Engagement Ring
2. Repurpose Your Engagement Ring into Custom Jewelry
3. Sell Your Ring On Consignment
4. Give It As A Gift To A Friend Or Family Member
5. Bonus: What Not To Do With An Old Engagement Ring

sell old engagement ring

1. Get Cash For Your Engagement Ring

If you have a ring made from gold and diamonds you can instantly turn that ring into cash. You can do a quick google search on your phone for “Sell Diamonds Near Me” or “Sell Engagement Ring Near Me” and you will get a list of local places that are available to purchase your jewelry items. As long as the ring is made from gold or platinum it will be worth something.

If you are wanting to get cash the same day for your engagement ring then you need to make sure you do research online. Find companies local to you and actually visit these stores to get estimates to try to sell your diamonds. Read reviews from previous customers and find a company that is reputable to sell your ring to. Diamond Exchange Houston has worked with 1000’s of customers locally to help them sell their diamonds and engagement rings for cash. If cash is not your thing then we can also give you a check, bank transfer, or Zelle.

2. Repurpose Your Engagement Ring into Custom Jewelry

If you have an old engagement ring laying around that you do not wear you can easily repurpose the item into something useful :). For example, instead of your diamond engagement ring lying dormant in your jewelry box you can easily turn that ring into a diamond pendant and necklace that you can wear. Past customers that we have worked with have instructed us to take out their main diamond that was in their old engagement ring and set in in some type of pendant that they can wear everyday.

Options for repurposing your engagement ring that you no longer use is going to require some brainstorming on your part to see what type of jewelry you would like. You need to come to us with ideas and it is our job to make it happen. Diamond Exchange Houston is working on custom jewelry designs every week for our customers. Just let us know your ideas and let us make it happen!! Learn more about our custom jewelry options by contacting us today.

3. Sell Your Ring On Consignment

Another option that you have with an old engagement ring is to sell the ring on our jewelry consignment program. The reason that people elect for our consignment option is to get more money versus just outright selling the ring the same day. At Diamond Exchange Houston we have helped 100’s of customers resell their engagement rings on consignment.

The way jewelry consignment works is that instead of selling your ring instantly you would leave the ring with us to resale for you. Once we sell the ring for you we take 10%-20% commission and the rest is yours to keep. Selling your engagement ring on consignment will definitely get you more money than selling the same day, however, it might take some time (possibly months) to sell it. You are going to have to weigh your options and determine what route will work best for you. You can learn more about this on our jewelry consignment page. We only offer consignment to certain jewelry pieces so not all items will qualify.

4. Give It As A Gift To A Friend Or Family Member

If you want to be an awesome person and make someone’s day then you should give the ring as a gift. Jewelry handed down from family or friends are sometimes the most cherished pieces a person can own. Since you are not longer wearing the ring and enjoying it then you should let someone else enjoy your old engagement ring :))). Just because you no longer wear you ring does not mean it needs to be permanently retired. Find someone deserving and let them enjoy your ring.

5. Bonus: What Not To Do With An Old Engagement Ring

If you have an old ring lying around from a previous marriage the most important thing that you DO NOT do is give it to your new partner! The few times that we have worked with customers and tried to do this it did not end well. It is best to just clean out the closet and start new :). Diamond Exchange Houston makes it super easy to get a new engagement ring. Visit our engagement ring category on our website :))).

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this article has convinced you to do something with your old engagement ring. Diamond Exchange Houston is here to help you with whatever option that you feel might best suit you. Schedule your appointment today to visit our jewelry store to meet with our diamond experts. We will be happy to evaluate your diamonds, rings, and jewelry.

Get A FREE Estimate On Selling Your Old Engagement Ring:

If you have some old jewelry lying around why not turn it into cash? Diamond Exchange Houston is the #1 place to sell an engagement ring! We have several different options available so contact us today to get a free estimate on selling your diamonds, engagement rings, and jewelry. Schedule your appointment today to visit our Houston jewelry store.

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What is the best way to sell an old engagement ring?

If you are trying to sell your engagement ring then you can do a simple Google search like- "sell engagement ring near me" and find several places that are located nearby that you can visit to get estimates.  If the estimates that you receive are not high enough to satisfy you then you can consider jewelry consignment.

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