In this blog post, we wanted to share our most recent custom jewelry orders that we have created at Diamond Exchange Houston. These are from our customers that had ideas for custom jewelry designs and Diamond Exchange Houston made them into reality. At Diamond Exchange Houston we create all types of custom jewelry including engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants, bracelets, and more. The custom design process works by our customers first coming to us with an idea. Next, we choose the diamonds that we will use in the product. After the diamonds have been chosen we design the jewelry with computer animated drawings (CAD). After the CAD drawings are approved by the customers we then cast the jewelry into the metal of our customer’s choice (gold or platinum). Once the ring or jewelry has been made we set the diamonds and polish the finished product. Lastly, we get a 3rd-party GIA appraiser to do a jewelry appraisal for insurance purposes.

8.03 CTW Custom Emerald Diamond Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

custom emerald engagement ringPin
This custom engagement ring came out phenomenal. The customer initially contacted us with an idea in mind to get his girlfriend the perfect engagement ring to propose with. He first came in and looked at loose diamonds. We had narrowed it down to 3 beautiful stones that he had to choose from. His choices were a cushion cut diamond, radiant diamond, and emerald diamond:

Our customer chose the beautiful and near flawless 7.03 carat emerald diamond as the stone to use in his engagement ring. After he chose the emerald as the main diamond, the next step was to design a custom engagement ring specifically for that diamond. The customer was open to our design inputs and we ultimately created what is known as a hidden halo engagement ring.

We sent our customer the initial ring design and he and the maid of honor were very happy with it and gave us the approval to create the ring. Next, we made the professional engagement ring video before we actually made the engagement ring live:

After the perfect diamond has been picked out and everybody was satisfied with the computer mock-ups of the design it was time to make the ring. We first cast the ring in 18k white gold. Once the ring was grown the next step is to set all the diamonds. The 7.03 carat emerald center diamond was set with double prongs for extra support. Here is a look at the final product:

After the ring is 100% complete the next step is to get a 3rd Party GIA Appraisal that our customers can use to get insurance on their ring. Below is the appraisal picture for this ring-
Custom engagement ring appraisalPin
After everything was completed we then shipped it out of state to our customer. We have done our part and made this gorgeous ring now he has to do his part and get down on one knee and propose :). We were extremely happy with the finished product on this 8.03 CTW Custom Hidden Halo Engagement Ring.

14k 1.33 CTW Custom Halo Pendant For a Gold Coin

This next custom jewelry design is for a halo pendant for a gold coin that a customer of ours had made for his wife. Below is the CAD drawings made for the custom pendant. As you can see in the pictures he had a choice of either yellow gold or rose gold. He ultimately chose 14k yellow gold to use in the creation of the custom diamond pendant.
Custom Jewelry Halo PendantPin
Below is the video of how the final product looks. The next step was to find the perfect chain to use for the pendant-

Learn More about The Custom Jewelry Process at Diamond Exchange Houston:

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