Pear Diamonds Houston

Pear Diamonds
If you are looking for the best deals and the best selection of pear diamonds in Houston then contact The Diamond Exchange today. The pear-shaped diamond, also referred to as the ‘teardrop’ diamond, owes its unique name to its outstanding silhouette combining the circular edge of a round and the tapered point of a marquise shape. This delicate structure is effectively complemented by a modified brilliant-cut to deliver an amazing amount of sparkle. The pear shape compliments the wearer by creating the comely illusion of a long and slim finger.

In this article, Diamond Exchange Houston will discuss important information regarding the makeup of pear diamonds. To get started shopping today for wholesale diamonds and/or engagement rings in Houston then fill out our contact form today or call us at 281-623-1105.
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Symmetry Is The Keyword In Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear Shaped Diamonds
A pear diamond must possess brilliant symmetry with the point seamlessly aligning with the summit of the circular end. The twin curves on each side must create a uniform symmetrical curve without any presence of misshapen straight edges. The rounded edge should form a semi-circle without appearing boxy or narrow. Adding unnecessary weight creates an unsightly additional girth around the diamond giving it a stumpy appearance. The ideal length-to-width ratio of a pear-shaped diamond varies between 1.40 and 1.70. Though personal taste decides the choice, anything too wide or too narrow takes away from the glamour and refinement of a pear diamond.

The Bow-Tie Dilemma Of Pear Diamonds

The bow-tie is a concern when you look for a pear diamond. This dark pattern running just in the middle of a diamond fails to reflect any light, resulting in a dark zone within. The severity of the bow-tie effect can range from nearly invisible to visibly severe. You can never understand the form of the round or the preciseness of the point or presence of bow-tie simply by reviewing the certificate. Hence, it is absolutely crucial that you take a look at the physical specimen before buying a pear-shaped diamond.

The best part about buying a pear-shaped diamond is its larger appearance when compared carat for carat with any other traditional or fancy-shaped diamond. Bigger surface area means better brilliance at a relatively lower cost.

The Best Place To Buy Pear Diamonds In Houston, TX

pear diamonds in Houston, TX
If you are in the market for a pear diamond the goal should be to get the biggest and nicest pear diamond for your budget. Diamond Exchange Houston specializes in getting our customers the best deals on loose diamonds and engagement rings. All you have to do is simply schedule an appointment today. You can schedule an appointment by calling us at 281-623-1105 or by filling out our contact form.

Our Main Services At Diamond Exchange Houston

Diamond Exchange Houston has the roots of a traditional diamond broker/diamond dealer at heart. Our main product at Diamond Exchange Houston is engagement rings. People come to us for big diamonds and wholesale prices. We are diamond trading experts and are known as the best place to buy and sell diamonds in Houston, TX.

You can contact us if you want to compare these pear diamonds in loose diamond form. We will elaborate on the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. You will be able to compare the stones side-by-side so you can see which diamonds have the most sparkle. We look forward to working with you and helping you find the diamond of your dreams. Simply fill out our contact form or call us today at 281-623-1105.

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