Are you in the market for something beautiful and timeless to wear around your neck?  A glamorous piece that you can wear each day and not get tired of?  A floating diamond necklace is the perfect amount of jewelry to make a woman feel special each day.  Let Diamond Exchange Houston make your dreams come true with one of our diamond pendant selections.  We are sure to have the perfect diamonds and perfectly crafted necklace to make you a happy buyer.
Floating Diamond Necklace

About This Floating Diamond Necklace

This is a 14k yellow gold floating diamond necklace featuring a .75 carat round diamond. The diamond is set with a 6 prong setting. We also have white gold and rose gold available. You are welcome to order online or request to come in and see the diamond in person. We also have larger diamonds available so feel free to call us to discuss pricing and other options at 281-623-1105

What Type Of Necklace Do You Want?

A floating diamond necklace and any type of diamond jewelry can be made from any shape of diamond that you specify. You need to determine what shape and what size diamond that you would like to use for your necklace. We can construct the floating necklace of 14k or 18k white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. You also need to select the length of chain that you would like to use.
Diamond Exchange Houston has a floating diamond necklace available for you,  to purchase today. Just select “Buy Now” to checkout.

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