Unbeatable Prices on Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are a glorious reminder of your love. Undoubtedly, you would like to flaunt it to the world. Engagement rings are also valuable investments. It is only natural that you would try your best to keep it away from any unsightly and costly harm’s way. Surprisingly, some of your everyday activities can actually damage your rock.

You already know that profuse perspiration, soothing lotions, and gallons of sanitizer are major threats to your ring’s overall well-being. Your shimmering trinket needs much safeguarding from these potential threats. Now that you’ve avoided these tell-tale troubles, you can finally take your ring to bed for a good night’s sleep. Or can you? Should you at all sleep with your engagement ring on?

This is a question that has perturbed even the most daunting fashionista. It’s certainly a tempting thought to wear your precious engagement ring almost 24/7. If you originally purchased your engagement ring from Diamond Exchange Houston we have no doubt that you own a beauty. However, most of us think twice before taking it to bed. And rightly so.

Why sleeping with your engagement ring on is a bad idea:

Both jewelers and frustrated users will urge you to reconsider the decision of sleeping with the ring. Hundreds of Reddit users stand testament to the risk entailed in the process. Sleeping with the ring on puts unnecessary pressure on it. In the long run, it can accidentally bend the prongs. Loose prongs make the perfect recipe for a disaster, or more precisely a nightmare you’d like to get out of. You do not want to misplace one or more diamonds from the ring.

Added pressure is equally harmful to the shank. It can bend the shape of your ring, leaving it not-so-circular. A thin shank runs a bigger risk of getting bent out of shape. Any ring with a shank thinner than 1.5mm is not a recommended choice, solely for its unreliability.

What exactly is the problem?

The blankets, pillows, and sheets are veritable minefields. The fibers can easily snag on the stones and prongs which will pull and ultimately loosen the prongs. If you toss a lot, the chances of losing diamonds in the cozy folds of your bedding are much higher. It definitely isn’t worth the huge risk, since you don’t even get to appreciate your beloved ring while sleeping.

Diamonds are not invincible!

Diamonds are renowned as the resilient lot among minerals. But they are not invincible. Though they are hardest, they still can chip and bruise. In most painful cases, diamonds simply fall off from the setting. And we’re only talking about the solitaire. If your ring has a delicate micro pavé setting with tiny diamonds, don’t you dare wear it during such rigorous activity as sleeping. These petite ones tend to jump out rather easily without much provocation.

What should you do about this nuisance?

The weight of your body re-shapes the ring over a period and in the process, loosens the expensive stones. You can avoid this potential ordeal by making a habit of removing the ring before retiring for the night. Leaving your ring safe on the bedside drawer should become a crucial part of your nighttime ritual. This designated safe spot will keep you from losing the ring. Try all this when you are home. If you’re traveling, the safest bet will be to keep your ring on and not lose it amid all the to and fro!

Sleeping with your engagement ring is entirely a personal decision. Your preference and comfort are the strictest parameters. If you are comfortable about it, go ahead and just wear your engagement ring in bed. Of course, it’s fine to wear the ring in bed a few times. But knowing when to take your ring off will save you from any unwarranted heartache.

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