Your partner proposed to you and you are in love with your engagement ring. You have been wearing your ring for a while now and showing it off everywhere you go. Then, suddenly you checked and one of the small diamonds has fallen out of your ring. It seems like a big deal and you might be crushed by this scenario. What do you do if one of the small diamonds has fell out of your engagement ring?

First and Foremost- Do not Panic If A Small Diamond Is Missing

You love your engagement ring and all of its sparkle. You lover did an excellent job and got you a ring that you adore. One day you look down and you notice that one of the small diamonds is missing. This might break your heart at first and seem like the world is coming to an end but in reality it is not a big deal.

Every year at Diamond Exchange Houston we sell 100’s of engagement rings . Most of the rings that we sell contain a number of small diamonds in the setting. It is not uncommon for us to get a phone call from time-to-time from a past customer to say one of the small diamonds has disappeared.

Every customer is different, but sometimes we receive a call from a customer that is traumatized :). We explain to our customers that this does happen sometimes and to bring the ring it to us and we will replace the diamond and make the ring brand new again.

Is it Common That A Small Diamond Falls Out?

Here at Diamond Exchange Houston we have bought and sold 1000’s of engagement rings, therefore, we have a lot of customers that rely on us as there jeweler. It is not uncommon for us to receive a phone call from a past customer telling us that a small diamond is missing from their ring. However, we have thousands of customers so luckily the calls don’t happen too much. All in all, it is not common for one of the small diamonds to fall out of your engagement ring but it in always a possibility .

Our Warranty On The Small Diamonds in Our Engagement Rings

If you purchased an engagement ring or wedding band from Diamond Exchange Houston then we do cover the small diamonds for a lifetime. Honestly, sometimes a small diamond might fall out of your ring and it can be a good thing. Let me give you a good example that has happened many times in our years of business at our jewelry store:

Let’s say a customer bought a ring from us 3 years ago. They have enjoyed the ring day in and day out and wore the ring everywhere they went. Overtime the ring will get dirty, the rhodium polish will wear down, and there are scratches on the ring. If a small diamond falls out then the customer gets the opportunity to let us make it look brand new. Our customers might initially look at the diamond falling out as a bad thing, however, when they receive the ring back in brand new condition they are usually very happy.

What To Do If A Small Diamond Falls Out Of Your Ring?

If you are a Diamond Exchange customer then you can simply give us a call and arrange time to drop it off. If you are not a previous customer of ours then you can do a simple Google search for “jewelers near me” and make some calls to see which jeweler is near-by and reputable. Again, do not panic if a small diamond has fallen out because any jeweler will be able to fix your ring and bring it back to brand new condition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take for a diamond replacement if a stone has fallen out?

If a small diamond falls of out of your ring then schedule your appointment to get it repaired as soon as possible. You will bring your engagement ring to our office and we will have our jewelers reset your missing small diamonds. The time it usually takes is less than one week, however, every scenario is different so contact us to let us do a manual inspection.

Should I file an insurance claim?

If you only have a small diamond that fell out then typically there is no need to file an insurance claim.  You can get any jeweler to fix your problem for maybe a few hundred dollars.  However, if you loose the main stone in an engagement ring then it is recommended to file an insurance claim because the main stones are typically larger and more expensive than the small side diamonds.

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