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Are you in the market for new jewelry and would like to get excellent prices on the items that you purchase? Diamond Exchange Houston offers wholesale jewelry Houston where you can shop direct and save. We are known for our amazing deals on loose diamonds, diamond rings, wedding bands, engagement rings, diamond earrings, tennis bracelets, custom jewelry, and other diamond jewelry items. Get started shopping and saving today by filling out our contact form to schedule an appointment or by calling us now at 281-623-1105.

Why Should You Purchase Wholesale Jewelry VS. Retail Jewelry?

If you are shopping for new jewelry you should want to get the best prices possible. With all the different jewelry stores to choose from it can be difficult to tell which places offer the best deals. Normal retail jewelry stores like Kay’s, Zales, Jareds, Robbins Brothers, etc. do not offer wholesale jewelry prices. The reason why we know this is because everybody comes here to Diamond Exchange Houston to sell their diamonds, jewelry, and engagement rings that they originally purchased at those jewelry stores. We get to see what people originally paid for their jewelry items when they come here to sell. Retail jewelry stores often have extremely high prices for very low-quality diamonds and jewelry. Diamond Exchange Houston offers wholesale jewelry Houston where you can pay a fraction of the price of what you would have paid at a normal retail outlet without having to sacrifice on quality.

What Types Of Wholesale Jewelry is Offered at Diamond Exchange Houston?

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Diamond Exchange Houston offers a large selection of different types of jewelry that is available for purchase at wholesale prices. We are not like other jewelry stores in Houston that are set up with large display cases and commissioned salespeople. We offer wholesale jewelry and diamonds direct and we are located in an office building instead of a typical retail jewelry store. Here is a list of the types of jewelry that we have available at wholesale prices:

  • Wholesale Loose Diamonds
  • Wholesale Engagement Rings
  • Wholesale Wedding Bands
  • Wholesale Diamond Rings
  • Wholesale Tennis Bracelets
  • Wholesale Diamond Earrings
  • Wholesale Custom Jewelry
  • Wholesale Diamond Jewelry
  • Wholesale Necklaces & Pendants
  • and more……

The bottom line is that The Diamond Exchange has all of your wholesale jewelry Houston needs available. We are top diamond dealers that carry the more high-end products that are rather expensive vs. little trinket jewelry. Most of the products at Diamond Exchange Houston are over $1000. We are open to the public and have great prices, however, we do not offer cheap jewelry items because most of our selection is high quality and rather costly.

How Do You Find Out More About The Types of Jewelry Offered at Diamond Exchange Houston?

To find out more about the type of jewelry items that we offer you can visit our products and services page. On that page, we list all the products we sell at Diamond Exchange Houston as well as all of the services that we offer. We also have different categories on our website where you can shop for jewelry. Since we are wholesale jewelers we also have a lot of items that are not listed on our website. To find out more information about our selection then simply fill out the contact form on any page of our website or call us today at 281-623-1105. We answer the phone 7 days a week so call us anytime.

How Do You Make An Appointment Shop At Diamond Exchange Houston?

Hopefully, this page has convinced you to want to shop at Diamond Exchange Houston for our great deals and outstanding selection of wholesale jewelry. Like we mentioned before, we are not a typical jewelry store where you walk in and shop around. It is preferred that you contact us prior to visiting our Houston diamond store to schedule an appointment. Call us today or fill out our contact form to get started. We look forward to helping you find the jewelry of your dreams!

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