The resale value of one’s jewelry is a question that most people do not know. The reason we know this is that every day people come into Diamond Exchange Houston to sell their jewelry and we have to educate them on the significant difference in values. The appraised value is often much higher than not only the resale value but also the original purchase price. In this article, we will explain the difference in the appraised value given to an article of jewelry such as an engagement ring versus the value that you get offered when you want to sell your jewelry.

How appraisers determine the value Of jewelry?

Jewelry appraisers create a written evaluation based on an article of jewelry such as an engagement ring, estate jewelry, diamond earrings, or custom jewelry. In their report, they will critique several areas such as the metal type, quality and size of the diamonds or gemstones, rarity, and the condition of the piece. They will use microscopes and loupes to do a thorough inspection and they will come up with the “retail replacement value”. However, this number is often highly inflated and not how much the item is worth (often not even close) if you ever try to sell that piece of jewelry.

What do jewelry buyers look at to determine the price they will pay?

Cash money and jewelry items
The most important thing that diamond buyers or jewelry buyers look at when they go to make an offer on some jewelry, a diamond ring, or an engagement ring is the size and the quality of the main diamond(s) in the ring. All of the small diamonds in a ring do have some value, however, the majority of the value is in the main diamond. How big and also what quality of the main stone in a diamond ring typically makes up over 90% of the ring’s resale value.

What to expect when you want to sell your jewelry

If you have an item of jewelry that you would like to sell like a diamond ring then you have to look at the size of the diamonds in the ring. Is the ring made up of a whole bunch of small diamonds? If so, then do not expect a large resale value because there is not a large diamond on which to base the value. Just because the appraised value is high does not mean that the resale value is going to be high. If the ring or piece of jewelry has a large, high-quality diamond in it then you can expect a very nice cash value when you want to sell it. If you have a jewely item that has large diamonds that you might be interested definitely contact Diamond Exchange Houston today :).

Why is the resale value so much lower than the appraised value?

There are 2 factors to consider here. Every appraiser is different. Some calculate an appraised value as extremely inflated and others are more conservative. On the other hand, some diamond buyers really try to lowball you while others are more aggressive. At Diamond Exchange Houston we are often our customer’s first phone call when they want to sell diamonds and engagement rings. Oftentimes, we will encourage our clients who are bragging about their “appraised value” to go somewhere else first to get a cash offer to sell their engagement ring that way we are not the initial “bad guy” that tells them what their ring is truly worth.

Get A FREE Verbal Jewelry Appraisal Today!

If you have some jewelry that you might be interested in selling then contact the experts at Diamond Exchange Houston today. We offer FREE verbal jewelry appraisals and we can make you a cash offer on diamonds, engagement rings, diamond rings, estate jewelry items, and other jewelry items that you have. The process is super easy just give us a call today at 281-623-1105.

Get A Quote On Selling Jewelry

Diamond Exchange Houston has several different options for people that want to sell thier jewelry including cash for diamonds and engagement rings as well as a jewelry consignment option. We can offer a free estimate normally over the phone if you have enough details. Also, you can visit our jewelry store in Houston and get a cash offer where you can meet in person with our diamond buyers. Types Of Jewelry That We Buy:

  • Engagement Rings
  • Diamond Rings
  • Loose Diamonds
  • Estate Jewelry
  • We Pay Cash For Gold Jewelry
  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Rolex Watches


The appraised value can sometimes be in line with the resale value, but often times it is much different. The main item of value in any piece of jewelry is the larger diamonds. The size and the quality of the main diamond

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