Buying diamonds isn’t something that you do every day. So when you do decide to buy diamonds you should want to get a great deal. You deserve to get the best diamonds for your money! If you are looking for the best place to buy diamonds in Houston then Diamond Exchange Houston is here to help you out! We are third-generation diamond dealers and we are known for our outstanding prices and selection on wholesale diamonds and diamond jewelry.

What Makes Us The Best Place In Houston To Buy Diamonds?

If you are wanting to get the best deals on diamonds you want to go to a diamond wholesaler like Diamond Exchange Houston. You are going to want to avoid your normal retail jewelry stores you see advertised on TV, in the malls, or on your busy street corners. Normal retail jewelers have crazy high overheads which in turn they have to charge you more for your jewelry.
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Diamond Exchange Houston is a place that hasn’t until now been open to the public. We are 3rd generation wholesale diamond dealers that allow you to buy diamonds direct. We carry all types of diamond jewelry including loose diamonds, GIA certified diamonds, engagement rings, wedding bands, and more. We are even experts at crafting custom jewelry. We are located in an office building in Midtown Houston and we carry all types of diamonds and jewelry. We keep our overhead super low and we pass the savings on to our customers. Schedule an appointment today to shop for diamonds and find out why we are the best place to purchase diamonds in Houston.

Types Of Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry We Offer:

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Diamond Exchange Houston is here for all of your diamond jewelry needs. We specialize in wholesale loose diamonds and diamond engagement rings, but we have a little bit of everything. If you are in the market for diamond earrings, a diamond necklace, a Rolex watch, a tennis bracelet, or any other type of diamond jewelry we can help you out. What sets us apart is our wholesale prices. When you visit our jewelry store for the first time it might not be what you expected. We do not have a normal jewelry store showroom with salespeople behind the counter. We are in an office building and we have a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere. We are by appointment only so give us a call today at 281-623-1105 or fill out our contact form to get started.

Schedule Your Appointment Today:

Hopefully, this post have given you great insight into an amazing place to buy diamonds in Houston. If you are in the market to purchase or sell diamonds then contact Diamond Exchange Houston today. The best way to contact us is to fill out our contact form or call us at 281-623-1105.
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