Selling any kind of jewelry can be an extremely difficult challenge if you are wanting to get maximum value. Especially when it comes to selling diamond jewelry. There are so many places that might offer to buy your jewelry, however, you have to have some industry knowledge if you want to get the most cash for your valuables. In this post, Diamond Exchange Houston will give you our advice as well as tips on what to look for when you are trying to get the highest value for your jewelry.

Research Different Jewelry Buyers and Diamond Buyers

Every major city has established diamond buyers and jewelry buyers that are rated online. Our first tip is to do your own research online on places in your city that buy diamond jewelry. You can research different diamond jewelry buyers on websites like Google and Yelp and see who is established and trustworthy. If a company has a lot of positive feedback online from past customers who rave about the experience of selling their jewelry items that is a good sign.

We recommend making a list of several companies that have high ratings that you can physically go and visit and get offers from. It is best to visit the companies in person and get a cash offer versus getting offers over the phone. The over-the-phone offers are never firm and are often very misleading.

Consider A Jewelry Consignment Option

When selling a diamond or a used engagement ring you might be shocked at first at the amount you get offered. Every day we have customers visit us that think their diamond or engagement ring is worth a lot more than it truly is. Customers who shop at normal retail jewelry stores that charge crazy high markups and give inflated appraisals can mislead customers on the true value of their diamond rings.

One way to get the most value when selling a diamond engagement ring is on consignment. Jewelry consignment lists jewelry items for a lot higher price versus what a same-day cash buyout would be. The drawback with jewelry consignment is that it is not immediate money. Items on consignment can often take months to sell. If you are in a hurry for the money then jewelry consignment will not be a good option for you.

Get A Free Estimate today!

If you have a jewelry item to sell then contact Diamond Exchange Houston today for FREE verbal jewelry appraisals. We have customers that contact us every day wanting to sell their diamonds and engagement rings. We are top diamond buyers and jewelry buyers in Houston. We have an excellent reputation for paying aggressively and we also have a jewelry consignment option. We will evaluate your jewelry items and give your recommendations on what we think will be your best option to get maximum value when selling your jewelry.

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