Emerald Diamonds

Emerald Diamonds
The emerald diamond is exceptional in its radiant and striking silhouette. When compared to its sparkling peers, an emerald diamond stands apart with its expansive, open table facet and fascinating pavilion cut in multiple steps. These unique qualities ensure that this particular diamond produces an enviable hall-of-mirrors phenomenon contrary to the glimmer of a brilliant-cut. With the stunning interaction of light and darkness across its many planes, the emerald-cut diamond stands testament to the versatility of a diamond crystal as well as the expertise of a diamond cutter. This specific shape was actually developed for cutting emeralds.

The best way to shop for emerald diamonds in Houston is to schedule an appointment at Diamond Exchange Houston. You can schedule an appointment by filling out our contact form or by calling us at 281-623-1105. We will let you compare wholesale diamonds and emerald engagement rings side-by-side to determine which one will work best for you.

Diverse Shapes of Emerald Cut Diamonds

emerald cut diamonds
The flamboyant reflections of light along the lingering lines of an emerald diamond have an elegant appeal. Varying from almost square to a narrower rectangle, the shape of emerald diamonds depends entirely on personal preferences. The classic shape flaunts a length-to-width ratio of approximately 1.50. This is the precise outline where the rectangle and square gracefully complement each other. Searching for a perfectly square emerald diamond can lead you to the Asscher-cut diamond.

In emerald diamonds, the presence of color can be easily identified and more so, in bigger sizes beyond 1.50 carats. Blame those open larger facets. These ample facets are equally responsible for displaying any existing inclusion and internal flaws of a diamond. Slightest of flaws can be immediately noticed in emerald diamonds as the broad table provides an unobstructed view inside the stone. Hence, when buying an emerald diamond do look for superior clarity and color.

The emerald diamond also fetches a lower price when compared carat per carat to the most expensive round brilliant. The refined and understated appearance of the emerald diamond also creates an attractive illusion of elongated fingers. The longish look of this diamond is best complemented by a solitaire, three stone or even sleek pave setting.

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The next step in choosing the perfect emerald diamond is to schedule an appointment at Diamond Exchange Houston to browse loose diamonds. We are diamond experts and can explain to you what to look for in choosing the right diamond. Our goal at Diamond Exchange Houston is to always get you the biggest and nicest diamonds for your budget. Contact us today by calling us directly at 281-623-1105 or by filling out our contact form. We look for to helping you get the diamonds, diamond rings, and jewelry of your dreams!!!

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