As Houston’s leading diamond dealer, Diamond Exchange Houston has its finger on the pulse of the latest engagement ring trends. Whether you’re planning a waterfront proposal along Buffalo Bayou or a romantic moment at the Houston Arboretum, the ring you choose is a symbol of your love and commitment. Let’s dive into the top trends that are captivating hearts in our Space City.

1. Custom Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

If you have an type of idea for an engagement ring that you would like to create then Diamond Exchange Houston can make it happen. We are Houston’s #1 choice for custom engagement rings. These days lab-grown diamonds and engagement rings are dominating the markets. With the option of a lab-grown diamonds our customers are able to get massive engagement rings for only a fraction of the price one would spend on a natural diamond ring. These rings are a lot of fun and come out absolutely stunning. Diamond Exchange Houston should definitely be on your radar if you would like a custom engagement ring. Check out this video of an oval lab grown diamond that we created for one of our customers:

2. Radiant Hidden Halo Engagement Rings:

Radiant halo engagement rings are a hit, but especially when you add a hidden halo to go with it. This ring below has a 5 carat lab grown diamond as the main stone. The customer first visited Diamond Exchange Houston to, Our customer first visited Diamond Exchange Houston to shop for lab grown radiant diamonds and he was able to find the perfect stone. We created a custom hidden halo engagement ring to fit the stone perfectly. With our hidden halo custom engagement rings we create the ring and the hidden halo especially for the diamond that we use.

3. Custom 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

If you want an amazing look then opt for a 3-stone engagement ring! The ring below was created using an oval diamond as the main stone. At Diamond Exchange Houston we can custom design any style of 3 stone ring that you can envision. We can make a 3 stone ring with any combination of diamond shapes that you like. This particular ring has an oval diamond as the main stone with 2 pear diamonds on each side.

4. Custom Round Diamond Rings

The ring below features a large round diamond with a custom eternity band made with radiant diamonds. This was a dream ring for a customer that we made a reality. We are sure that our customer loves it just as much as we did!!! Diamond Exchange Houston carries a large selection of round lab grown diamonds that you can choose from.

Custom Yellow Diamond Rings

Check out this beautiful engagement ring that is available at Diamond Exchange Houston. This is a 2.91 CTW 18K GIA Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Ring that is on sale now. We do not sell that many fancy yellow diamond rings so if you want something that is unique then give this a try. Any type of ring or any type of diamond that your heart desires will be available at Diamond Exchange Houston. Give us a try and find out why we are the #1 jewelry store for engagement rings in Houston.

Diamond Exchange Houston for the latest engagement ring trends!

Have you seen a ring out there somewhere online or on social media? If you can give us an idea of the type of design that you like then we can make you your dream ring. Schedule your appointment today to visit our Houston showroom. Diamond Exchange Houston is experts at all things custom jewelry.

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If the pictures and videos that are in this post have inspired to shop for engagement rings then you should contact us today. Diamond Exchange Houston is not set up like regular jewelry stores. We are a wholesale diamond dealer located in the Montrose area. The best way to shop for diamonds and jewelry with us is to book an appointment. To schedule an appointment simply fill out our contact form or call us today at 281-623-1105.

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