Choosing the perfect wedding band is always a considerably important and occasionally difficult task for most people. This has much to do with both the significance that this ring can hold, but also, the overall aesthetic that the ring gives off.

At Diamond Exchange Houston’s jewelry store engagement rings and wedding rings can be bought in a set, or they can be mixed and matched when the right time comes. An option that many customers have taken a liking to over the past few years is the floating diamond wedding band style. Not your traditional ring, but a very popular choice, floating diamond wedding bands are extremely eye-catching and beautiful. If you are in the market for wedding rings then contact Diamond Exchange Houston today as we have many options to choose from.

What is a Floating Diamond Wedding Band?

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Now, some folks may be wondering; what exactly is a floating diamond wedding band, and what makes it different than a traditional diamond wedding band? The major difference is the use and placement of the prongs surrounding the diamonds that them in place on the band. Traditionally, a diamond wedding band would be made with prongs or clasps holding each diamond in place, or with the diamonds set within a channel to secure them. Both of these options would leave the metal of the ring very visible. While this was always and still is, a very popular option, many people have a personal dislike for the abundance of metal surrounding the diamond. This is much to do with the metal distracting from the diamond’s shine and natural beauty.

Because of this, jewelers began crafting wedding bands known as floating diamond wedding bands or floating diamond eternity bands. These bands were crafted with very simple and smaller baskets or prongs to hold the diamonds securely in place. They were made in a way to accentuate the diamond, and minimalize the visibility of the metal. This way of placing the diamonds allowed for them to appear to be “floating” on the wearer’s finger, hence the name! Very commonly, the diamonds are clasped along the bottom or the sides – never touching the top surface of the diamond itself.

Can You Get Floating Diamond Engagement Rings or Sets?

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Since many of our customers like for their engagement rings and wedding bands to be from a matching or very similar set, they’re commonly purchased together before a marriage proposal. Often, folks will have a much larger diamond on an engagement ring, and smaller diamonds on the accompanying wedding band. Engagement rings can most certainly be bought in the floating diamond style as well. The main diamond itself could be floating alone on a plain band, or perhaps a band that has smaller diamonds alongside the larger. A lot of the time, proper wedding and engagement band sets are crafted so that they can connect, or they sit so that they appear to be. Floating diamond bands and sets are no exception to this and create an even more stunning illusion, as the diamonds appear to be floating together cohesively upon the wearer’s finger. Regardless of the specific aesthetic of preference, a floating diamond style of the band would make a gorgeous option for an engagement and wedding band set.

What Are the Positive and Negative Aspects of Floating Diamond Wedding Bands?

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When it comes to floating diamond wedding bands, there are some very obvious positive aspects to choosing one. It goes without saying, but these styles of rings are incredibly gorgeous and eye-grabbing to any viewer. There are also many ways to bring forms of uniqueness to this style of the ring if that’s an important quality to a purchaser or wearer. For starters, the diamonds themselves don’t have to be diamonds! Many folks are opting for a variety of different gemstones to be utilized in both their wedding and engagement rings like; sapphires, opals, citrines, and emeralds. There is also the possibility of opting for a different type of metal and/or for the band itself. Although yellow gold has always been the classic choice, in recent years white, rose, and even black gold is becoming increasingly sought out options.

With any style, brand, or type of jewelry, there is always the possibility of the piece having a slightly negative attribute to the wearer. Whether it be tarnishing over long periods of wear, or just simple personal preference changes – folks can find small irksome qualities about their pieces. In the case of floating round diamond wedding bands, some people find that considering the diamonds are more exposed than that of a normal band, they are more susceptible to damage or dirtiness. Much like any treasured piece of jewelry, these sorts of rings will require regular cleaning and maybe even a little extra, just to ensure the clarity of the stones attached. The other worry with the diamonds being more exposed is that they may have an easier time becoming dislodged or getting knocked loose from the band. Although this is an uncommon occurrence, a professional jeweler would be able to help out anyone in this sort of situation.

What Other Types of Jewelry Come in This Style?

Much like other forms of specifically styled jewelry, the floating diamond style has branched into other types of pieces. Aside from the previously mentioned engagement rings, other rings celebrating promises’, births, and anniversaries have been made in this style. This is much to do with the infinity aspect and appeal of these rings, and what that can symbolize to an individual wearer. Floating diamonds can also be commonly found piecing together bracelets. Occasionally the entire chain or band of the bracelet itself is made of floating diamonds, or other times the diamonds are connecting in the middle of the piece. Another form of floating diamond jewelry is earrings. Many jewelers have crafted beautiful hoops made of stunning diamonds that appear to be floating down from the wearer’s ears. Regardless of the specific type of jewelry one may purchase, it’s always important to bear in mind to source your pieces from a reputable jeweler, especially in the cases of difficultly made jewelry like floating diamonds. It is equally important to maintain proper care of your pieces of jewelry as well, to avoid any unnecessary damages or costly repairs.

Contact Diamond Exchange Houston Today To Purchase, Customize, Or Learn More About Floating Diamond Wedding Bands

Hopefully, this article has given you a great definition of floating diamond wedding bands. Here at Diamond Exchange Houston, we do offer the floating diamond wedding band as well as many other types of diamond jewelry including loose diamonds, engagement rings, custom jewelry, and lab grown diamonds. We are not like typical jewelry stores with high mark-ups and tremendous overhead. No, Diamond Exchange Houston is a wholesale jewelry store and a diamond dealer where you can buy engagement rings, wedding bands, and other diamond jewelry at wholesale prices. Contact us today by filling out the contact form which is on every page or by call us directly at 281-623-1105. We look forward to working with you on the diamond jewelry pieces of your dreams!!!!

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