The summer of 2020 is particularly special, thanks to COVID-19. Count your blessings if you’re reading this in good health. This summer, unlike the earlier summers of our lives, offers an opportunity to reorganize and prioritize our wellness and passion over the mundane clutter of daily life. A possibility to start afresh. And no fresh start is complete without a little good-luck bling coming your way! Whether you are working from home or venturing out into the world, the riveting diamond jewelry trends of summer 2020 will surely lift your spirits to a glorious high!

Functional Diamond Chains Are The Keyword

No one precisely knows when the virus will leave us alone for good. However, fashion must go on. Hence, combining style with functionality is crucial. Think subtle yet gorgeous diamond chains that can be stacked in varying layers and sizes and numbers to create the much sought after bohemian messy chic. The focus will also be on channeling the sensational vibe. Diamond link chains have been ruling the ramps and jewelry stores with much gusto. Chain link diamond jewelry has been gaining increasing popularity and even more so in 2020. A singular necklace makes a bold fashion statement. The thinner, shimmery ones can be layered at different lengths. Gold or platinum base complemented by a series of gleaming diamonds makes this trend an eye-catching one.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Trend
One popular style engagement ring at Diamond Exchange Houston has been the cushion cut. Whether it is set in a halo style setting, a simple solitaire, or an elaborate custom setting, this style has been a hit. Diamond Exchange Houston offers a large selection of wholesale diamonds for all budgets. Our main specialty at Diamond Exchange Houston is our wholesale engagement rings. We are diamond wholesalers that offer the best deals on diamond rings in Houston, TX.

Heirloom-inspired diamond jewelry

In this troubled time of uncertainty, the warmth and comfort of the family have rescued us from despair. It is also the time that got us inspired to drool on family heirlooms. You may or may not raid your grandmother’s box of jewelry but 2020 belongs to the glamour and personality of heirlooms. An heirloom reminiscent of loving emotions and relationships is certainly exceptional. However, don’t lose heart if there’s no heirloom you can pick up. Jewelry designers with a penchant for all things vintage will come to your rescue. The antique-influenced jewelry has been ruling the retailers as well as the runways with equal elan. Older and chunkier diamond cuts are making a comeback with this trend. Fancy shaped loose diamonds such as the cushion and radiant diamond have been a hit. The brilliance of heritage expressed in uncut gemstones of diverse colors being paired with diamonds has garnered attention world over.

Irregular Heavy-Duty Diamond Hoops

Big Diamond Hoops Earrings Houston
Lest too much subtlety gets lost amid the melee of face masks, introduces the not-so-innocuous oversized diamond hoops. The hoops have pretty much taken over the jewelry world in all their various avatars. But the larger ones will be ruling the scene for the next few seasons. An ideal addition to possibly every type of outfit, diamond hoop adds drama to your style. Not your day-to-day hoops, a statement-making diamond and gold hoop in doubles, square or chunky knotted design, gives you a chance to experiment with stunning silhouettes.

Statement Diamond Collar Necklace

Statement jeweled necklaces have again entered our collective fashion memory. Making a glorious comeback, this diamond jewelry trend is not quite close to functional. The collar-shaped diamond and gemstone necklace cannot be easily shopped or sported by many of us. However, this bold resurgent design can be styled with the help of demi-fine and even costume jewelry.

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