Has the time come where you finally need to put a ring on your girl’s finger? Or, are you a lady in search of the perfect place to send your future husband in to buy a ring? In this post Diamond Exchange Houston wants to give you some excellent advice on how to get the best deal when purchasing an engagement ring. Hopefully, this will give you great tips on how to get your dream ring at an amazing price! Diamond Exchange Houston is a wholesale engagement ring store that helps our clients get amazing deals on wholesale diamonds, diamond rings, and custom jewelry. If you are in the market for a new engagement ring make sure to add us to the list of places that you plan on shopping at!

Know What Style You Are Looking For

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When the time is right to get an engagement ring the first thing you want to know is what style you are after. Mainly, you want to decide on the shape of the main diamond that you want to use in your engagement ring. The main diamond is the most expensive part of buying an engagement ring. When you shop at Diamond Exchange Houston our goal is always to get you the biggest and nicest diamond for your budget. When shopping for loose diamonds it is very highly recommended to see the actual diamonds in person to compare them side-by-side. Some diamonds look excellent on a certificate, however, in-person they might not have much brilliance. Also, do not get dead set on a particular color and clarity before seeing diamonds in person because that might keep you from an amazing diamond that is a lot more brilliant for a better price. When shopping at jewelry stores be open to looking at a variety of diamonds and rings.

The other part of choosing an engagement ring is the setting. Retail jewelry stores tend to drastically mark up the prices of settings. At Diamond Exchange Houston we offer wholesale prices on diamond rings and wedding bands. Our custom engagement rings are typically a lot less expensive to create compared to what a person might have originally thought that they cost.

Come Up With A Budget

The next step in getting the best deal on an engagement ring is to set your budget. Once you have a set budget in mind then you can more accurately shop for the diamond that you plan on using. The goal in mind should be to get the best diamond possible without going too far over your budget. At Diamond Exchange Houston, we like to see our customers by appointment only. When we schedule the appointment we ask questions about what shape, what size, what quality, and what budget the customer is looking for. When the customer arrives for the appointment we will present them with the biggest and nicest options for their budget. When comparing diamonds side-by-side you will be able to see with your naked eye which stone sparkle the most. Generally, one diamond, in particular, will stand out as “The One” to use as the main stone in your engagement ring.

Shop At A Wholesale Diamond Dealer

At Diamond Exchange Houston we sell engagement rings as well as purchase them. People come to us every day to sell their old engagement rings that they had previously purchased from other jewelry stores. We get to see what they originally paid and where they bought it from. The main key to getting the best deal when buying an engagement ring is to buy it from the right place. Major retail stores have enormous amounts of overhead that they have to ultimately charge to their customers. Think about it. They have the expensive retail space overhead, the employees, the marketing etc. When you shop for wholesale diamonds and engagement rings at Diamond Exchange Houston you are working directly with the source. We have connections with diamond manufacturers that supply us with diamonds. We have very little overhead and pass the savings along to our customers. The key to getting a great deal when buying a diamond engagement ring is buying it from a diamond dealer like Diamond Exchange Houston that has amazing prices!

Shop For Engagement Rings Today!

If you are looking to get an amazing deal on an amazing diamond engagement ring then contact Diamond Exchange Houston today! We welcome you to schedule an appointment to visit our jewelry store in Houston. While you are here you will be able to compare loose diamonds, try on different settings, or talk about a custom design.

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