Have you heard the “buzz” about lab grown diamonds and would like to know more? In this post we will elaborate on our experience in dealing with lab grown diamonds and lab grown engagement rings. At Diamond Exchange Houston we have sold a lot of lab grown diamond jewelry in the last year. Before 2 years ago we had never even sold 1 lab grown diamond. Now, lab grown diamond jewelry sales make up the majority of our sales.

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Benefits Of A Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring:

If you are shopping for a new engagement ring then you might want to consider going with a lab grown diamond as the main stone. This is of course a very controversial subject in the diamond industry as we speak. When customers shop for engagement rings in Houston at Diamond Exchange Houston our goal with every customer is to get them the biggest and nicest rings for their budget. With the availability of lab grown diamonds as an option, our customers can now afford a much larger diamond for the money. That would have to be the main benefit of choosing a lab grown diamond. To hear more about the how to decide on a lab grown diamond in this blog post. In Texas, most of our customers tend to want a larger carat size versus spending the money on a high clarity that nobody will be able to tell. With lab grown diamond rings you can now get a larger diamond and good clarity for a much more affordable price.

Can You Tell If A Diamond Is Lab Grown?

One of the main questions that we get asked at Diamond Exchange Houston when customers want to buy a lab grown diamond is if anyone can tell. The answer to that question is “No”. Nobody, not even a diamond expert, can look at a diamond with their naked eye or even with a magnifying glass and be able to tell that it is lab-grown.

How Can You Tell If A Diamond Is Lab Grown?

Diamond Exchange Houston is a great place to sell diamonds and engagement rings because we often pay the most and we offer a jewelry consignment program. We have to be very careful when buying jewelry that we do not purchase lab grown diamonds for the same price that we pay for natural diamonds. There are 3 ways that we use at Diamond Exchange Houston to tell if a diamond is lab grown. Here are the ways that we use to distinguish a lab grown diamond from a natural diamond:

  • Laser Inscription- Most lab grown diamonds (over .5 carats) are laser inscribed with the words “lab grown” and the certificate #.  This laser inscription is on the girdle of the diamond and it is one of the first things we look at when evaluating a diamond
  • Lab Grown Diamond Testing Tool- At Diamond Exchange Houston we use a tool that distinguishes between a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond.  A lab grown diamond would test as a “diamond” with a normal diamond testing tool
  • Send It To A Grading Labratory- The ultimate way to determine if a diamond is lab grown is to send it to a laboratory like GIA which is the authority in diamond grading.

Are Lab Grown Engagement Rings Popular?

One of the questions that we receive often from our customers is about how popular lab grown diamond rings are becoming? The answer to that question is very popular! We would have to say that as of this year the majority of our engagement ring sales have been for lab grown diamonds. The main reasons customers are choosing lab grown is because of the size, price, and ethical issues.

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