Are you in the market and trying to find the perfect engagement ring? Pear engagement rings offer a very sleek and sophisticated look! The pear-shaped diamond, also known as the teardrop diamond, is considered to be the best combination of the gorgeous round cut and the tapered marquise cut. This is because the pear-shaped diamond is tapered at one end, coming to a delicate point, while the other end is rounded. Generally speaking, this cut of diamond features around 58 facets (the flat surfaces of a diamond that are arranged in a geometric pattern), that add to its utter brilliance and eye-catching appearance.

Pear diamond engagement rings are not the most popular engagement ring style, however, when a woman has her heart set on this diamond shape then she will accept nothing else. Pear diamond rings are for ladies who are very particular with their engagement ring selection. Diamond Exchange Houston carries pear diamonds of all sizes including lab grown diamonds and GIA certified diamonds. To learn more about our selection of engagement rings simply give us a call today or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

History of the Pear Diamond Rings

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While this style of engagement ring is relatively popular in the present day, many folks are shocked to discover that this cut was first invented and designed in the mid-1400s. In 1475, a Flemish (now modern-day Belgium) man and professional diamond cutter named Lodewyk van Bercken invented the diamond polishing wheel – also known as the scaif. This invention was crucial to the diamond cutting profession and forever changed how this task was completed.

This polishing wheel enabled Bercken to place facets onto a diamond with an astonishing level of symmetry, not seen before. This began creating different and more complex cuts of diamonds – with Bercken inventing the world’s first pear-shaped diamond later that same year. Soon after, pear diamond engagement rings were a thing that lucky ladies were now able to flaunt. The elegance of the pear-shaped diamond ring became more notable to those who could afford it, beginning this dazzling cut’s immense popularity.

The Pear Shape Meaning and Symbolism

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Despite the fact that the pear diamond rings have surpassed the test of time, remaining in style for over 500 years, this cut and quality of the diamond are still considered quite unique or individualistic. Depending on the individual purchasing or wearing this diamond, this style of diamond ring itself will carry different meanings, family history, etc. However, pear engagement rings are often considered to represent the strong-willed, a sense of empowerment, and a broader sense of independence. Furthermore, this cut of a diamond is also said to symbolize tears of joy or the tears associated with a wedding day – both being very appropriate and meaningful symbolism behind the perfect engagement ring.

How is a Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring Worn?

A pear-shaped diamond ring is different than most diamond rings, as it can be worn in two ways. This particular ring can be worn in either orientation along with the owner’s finger – with the point facing up or down. While most wearers tend to opt for the pointed end of the stone to be facing up, or towards their fingernails, others will wear the point facing towards their wrist.

The pear engagement ring point facing upwards is considered to provide an elongating effect to the finger the ring is worn on, which can be nice – especially for those people with smaller hands or short fingers. When the diamond ring is worn this way, it also highlights and accentuates the teardrop shape when showing the ring to other people. However, there truly is nothing wrong with wearing a pear-shaped diamond ring the opposite way, as it is merely a matter of personal preference or comfortability.

Pear Diamond Shape and Size

Although seemingly very similar, pear-shaped diamonds can vary in their exact shape – which is dependent on the specific carat of diamond selected. While most pear-shaped diamonds take on somewhat of an elongated appearance, others can be seen as almost stubbier and shorter in shape. Typically, the ratio of the length and width of a pear-shaped diamond is between 1.5 and 2.0 – with the professional optimal ratio being set at 1.55 and 1.75.

Pear Diamond Engagement Ring Cost

Like all diamond engagement rings, the cost of a pear-shaped diamond ring is determined by the carat size, clarity, color, and the accompanying band. However, pear-shaped diamonds are considered to be less expensive than a round cut or princess cut diamond. This makes them a more affordable option for those seeking an engagement ring within a specific budget.

Honestly, if you are looking for the best deals on any type of engagement ring then you need to contact Diamond Exchange Houston today. We offer wholesale diamond rings, loose diamonds, and custom jewelry direct to the end consumer. We are always updating our website with the best deals in town on engagement rings, diamond rings, and wedding bands.

Typically, the cost of a 2-carat pear-shaped diamond starts at approximately $12,000 and can rise to $35,000 or more, depending on the grading of the diamond itself. However, a 1-carat pear-shaped diamond with moderate grade will be commonly seen costing between $3,500 to $4,000. Our customers who check our website frequently are the ones who find the best deals on our engagement rings.

Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

While pear-shaped diamond engagement rings are often seen with a white gold or platinum band, this is not always the case. Some folks will opt for the classic yellow gold band, while others will go for the new-aged rose gold band. At the same time, some folks opt for a plain band or perhaps two smaller accompanying diamonds on either side of the larger pear-shaped stone in the center. Then there are the folks who enjoy the extra sparkle and prefer their band to be lined with dazzling smaller diamonds the entire way around – perhaps in a surface prong setting, a shared prong setting, or a bezel setting.

Much like any other style of diamond engagement ring, the type of band will vary based on the preferences of the individual purchaser or wearer. Some folks prefer the classic band, while others may opt for a more unique style or shape – with twisted or split shanks becoming increasingly popular in the present day. No diamond ring is impossible at Diamond Exchange Houston because we are also experts at custom jewelry. When you visit our jewelry store in Houston you will be able to browse hundreds of engagement ring styles, but we can also create a custom engagement ring.

How to Care for a Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Similarly, to any other style of diamond engagement ring, pear-shaped diamond engagement rings require routine cleaning and maintenance. This can save individual wearers from the potential of unnecessarily pricey repairs and replacements in the long run. As a pear-shaped diamond does stick out off of the band, they are easier to bump and whap off of hard surfaces when we are passing by, working, etc. It is therefore very important to routinely inspect your engagement ring for any tarnishing, external damages, dents, or any loose or missing stones – especially when your accompanying band is covered in smaller diamonds.

It is also important to clean your engagement ring regularly, as this keeps it looking new and shiny, regardless of the length of time that you have owned it for. This can be done with a small toothbrush, some warm water, and soap at home. Engagement ring owners can also opt to purchase a jewelry cleaning kit from their local jewelry stores. Most of these kits include a cleaning solution, a small basket or brush, that one can easily use to maintain the cleanliness of their ring.

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