At Diamond Exchange Houston the most popular item that we sell is engagement rings. Every year there seems to be a different trend for the most sought-after engagement ring styles. Luckily, educated customers happen to reach out to us when they want to maximize their budgets. At Diamond Exchange Houston we offer wholesale diamonds and engagement rings direct. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most popular engagement ring trends for this summer in 2022!

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings:

lab grown diamond engagement rings Houston
This lab grown diamond craze has taken off like a rocket ship! At Diamond Exchange Houston over 60% of our sales this year have been for lab-grown diamonds and lab-grown engagement rings! Only 2 years ago we were not selling ANY lab growns! The benefits of lab grown diamonds are that you can get a much larger and higher quality diamond for a fraction of the price. Customers in the past that could only afford a 1-carat diamond ring are now able to get a 2-carat diamond ring for the same price. This new trend has grown extremely fast and it seems as though it is here to stay. Customers are initially hesitant to consider the lab-grown diamond option, however, after comparing the stones in person they will often make the switch. Lab grown diamonds are often certified by prominent laboratories such as IGI and GIA. At Diamond Exchange Houston we have a large selection of rings that customers can choose from and we can also create custom engagement rings using lab grown diamonds.

Hidden Halo Engagement Rings:

hidden halo engagement rings
The next trending engagement ring style is called The Hidden Halo Engagement Ring. This has been a very popular design and the hidden halo can be used on pretty much every shape of diamond. Ideally, what our customers do is schedule an appointment to come in and compare loose diamonds side-by-side at our Houston jewelry store. Once a diamond has been selected we can custom design an engagement ring with the hidden halo to fit perfectly under the perimeter of the diamond. Our customers for the hidden halo engagement rings have been very pleased! When creating the hidden halo style ring we can use GIA certified diamonds or lab grown diamonds.

Custom Engagement Rings

Another popular engagement ring style that never slows down is the custom engagement ring. With websites like Pinterest and Instagram, customers get to see a vast array of different engagement ring styles and designs. Sometimes our customers like certain parts of a ring they might have seen online, but they want to add their own unique twist to it. Diamond Exchange Houston is experts at creating custom engagement rings. Our custom design process is very intricate, yet simplistic. When designing the custom rings we can use GIA Certified diamonds or lab grown diamonds.

Shop For Engagement Rings in Houston

If these popular engagement ring styles sound good to you and would like to see them in person, then reach out to Diamond Exchange Houston today. Diamond Exchange is known for our amazing prices on our wholesale diamonds and engagement rings. We have an Engagement Rings Houston section on our website that explains the different styles of engagement rings that we offer.

Other Popular Styles That We Offer:

  • Halo Engagement Rings
  • Solitaire Engagement Rings
  • 3 Stone Engagement Rings
  • Wholesale Engagement Rings

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