When it comes to adding a dash of gorgeousness to your appearance, wearing a piece of jewelry does its own wonders. While some items are timeless classics, others seem to keep changing with the latest trends. Choosing a jewelry piece that lets you express yourself is a matter of your personal whims and styling, but the jewelry stores are loaded with a spectrum of beautiful pieces. Right from diamond-studded bracelets to glorious pendants, below are the top 9 items sold at jewelry stores that are all about extraordinaire.

Engagement Rings

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What can be better to celebrate love than lovely diamond-studded engagement rings? The iconic solitaire engagement ring with a radiant, round or oval cut is always in for the most special ring of your life that symbolizes permanence and union. While it’s custom to wear your engagement ring if you are engaged, you can opt to couple it up with your wedding ring once you tie the knot or you can swap them for a quick change. Another jewelry trend is to stack the engagement rings with other rings of different shapes and colors. The idea of stacking is all about sophistication with a touch of contemporary, allowing you to showcase more than one ring in a way wherein the different pieces complement each other. If that’s not your style, simply wear it alone and allow that special diamond to be the center of attention.

Tennis Bracelet

The quintessential diamond line bracelet never loses its charm and has always continued to be reinvented. The whole magic about tennis bracelets lies in the wearable simplicity they bring. The recent years have witnessed a huge comeback of the classic tennis bracelets with a few upgrades and tweaks. The traditional versions work as must-have jewelry pieces, while some choose more accessible editions that can be crafted to be stretchy or feature an invisible elastic. Variations in terms of the metal color, as well as bracelet setting, adds a modern touch to the classic jewelry item almost instantly.

Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are undoubtedly, a staple for any lady’s jewelry wardrobe. While rounds remain the most popular choice, people now love to explore more vivid shapes and cuts, including hearts, asscher, emerald cuts, and more. Depending on the quality, size, and appeal of the stone, diamond studs can add minimalism or a super glamorous touch to your appearance. In fact, most women go for a pair of diamond studs to mark the very start of their jewelry collection, whether purchased for a special occasion or as a daily accessory. Diamond Stud earrings have always been a popular trend and will never go out of style. Whether you pair them with a matching neckpiece or wear them as the only piece of jewelry, they can’t fail to steal the show ever!

Diamond Pendants

A diamond pendant can accentuate your features like nothing else, especially when you choose one that goes just right with your attire. Go for a teardrop pendant when wearing a V-neck dress or shirt, while classic round pendants work great for round necklines. Depending on the designs, diamond pendants can be bold, minimalist, or demure – and you can wear them with a variety of chains and lengths. Some like to pull off a statement pendant while keeping the other jewelry pieces modest as a diamond pendant is more than enough to add that wow factor to your look.

Hoop Earrings

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Big hoops adorned with bright diamonds are a synonym for true splendor. And the most amazing thing about this jewelry item is its versatile nature and adaptability. They make you look equally awesome when paired with a rugged denim jacket or an elegant cocktail gown. While large hoops complement loose hair just right, smaller ones look best when coupled up with a sleek ponytail. Those who want to go for the layering trend also like to pair hoops with multiple ear piercings, going for large hoops in the ear lobe while wearing smaller hoops up the side of the ear. New innovative designs let you define your style with unconventional shapes like octagon, oval, or even square-shaped diamond hoops.

Statement Earrings

Never getting out of fashion, statement earrings can amplify your look miraculously well, and often don’t call for any other accessory to coordinate with them. Adding meaning to your outfit and catching some eyeballs, statement earrings can be paired with printed clothes as well as solid colors. They bring so much more focus to your facial features and bring out an instant bold touch to your personality. Flaunt a pair of large diamond earrings when going out for a meeting or a special brunch, and you will hit the right notes every single time.

Diamond Bangles

Yet another jewelry piece that is rocking the party scene as well as the everyday look equally well. A statement diamond bangle is capable of sprucing up your entire party look, making sure that things don’t go over-the-top at the same time. The advanced craftsmanship and delicate designs that go into the making of these glorious ornaments make sparkling diamond bangles a wonderful addition to your vanity. You can go for single-line diamond bangles or go for a combination of colorful gems with diamonds for an extra charm.

Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are one of the coolest jewelry trends, ranging from round to pear cut, oval, and radiant. The rose-cut diamond from the Victorian era is getting popular for its resemblance to the lovely rose flower, marked by a flat bottom and a multi-faceted top. Shining loose diamonds can be integrated into different pieces of jewelry to bring out an instant ethereal touch and shine.

The type of stone and the variety of cuts you choose plays a key role in bedazzling classic, contemporary or modern vibes. Most popular choices in recent years include princess cuts, cushion, Asscher, emerald, radiant, round, oval, pear, marquise, triangle, half moon, straight trillion, calf, curved trillion, and the ever-successful heart cut. Natural-looking stones are used in bracelets, rings as well as necklaces.

Custom Jewelry

Whether it’s pendants, rings, charms of bracelets, or earrings – you can personalize it all with some initials, symbols, or short sayings. Custom jewelry is popular for presenting to your loved ones, while new parents like to get their little one’s birthday or names added to diamond jewelry. Apart from initials, some choose to reflect their personality with custom jewelry by adding zodiac signs, flowers, anchors, and even personal fingerprints of their special people. Personal engravings on rings and necklaces are another unfailing idea that lets jewelry stand out the test of time.

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