One of the main products that we sell at Diamond Exchange Houston is engagement rings. In this article, we want to give you advice and tips on how to shop for engagement rings in Houston and online. Not every jewelry store is the same when it comes to the prices and the quality of the engagement rings that they offer. When buying an engagement ring the goal should be to get the best ring possible for your budget. Diamond Exchange Houston is known for its great deals on wholesale diamonds and engagement rings. This article will give you advice on how to shop for an engagement ring and how to get the best value.

Avoid Retail Jewelry Stores in Houston

Normal old school jewelry stores such as Robbins Brothers, Zales, Jareds, etc have been struggling big time for the last several years because of the competition of online companies and wholesale diamond dealers. Customers are getting smart and are able to do comparison shopping online before they actually make their purchases. Normal jewelry stores have expensive overhead costs such as rent and marketing. A wholesale diamond dealer like Diamond Exchange Houston is able to offer wholesale diamonds and engagement rings direct due to our low overhead and connections in the industry. It might be a good idea to go to a large jewelry store to shop around and get a good idea of what styles you like best, then come to a wholesale engagement ring store like The Diamond Exchange to make the final purchase :).

Pay Attention To The Main Diamond in The Engagement Ring

Not all diamonds are created the same. When shopping for an engagement ring make sure to pay attention to the 4 C’s of diamonds. Not all 1 carat round diamonds are the same. For example, Diamond Exchange Houston has 1 carat round diamonds that are $2500 and some that are $6500. The price difference of different loose diamonds often has to do with color and clarity. Sometimes if you go to a normal retail jewelry store they might just describe a ring as 1.5 ctw and then not explain more. Pay attention to the quality of diamonds that you plan on using in your engagement ring. Diamond Exchange Houston carries GIA certified diamonds as well as uncertified diamonds. When you schedule an appointment with our Houston jewelry store you will be able to compare diamonds side-by-side. Our experts will also guide you on the 4 C’s of each diamond.

Try on Different Engagement Ring Settings to Find Out Which Style You like Best

In order to truly know which style of engagement ring that you like the best, we recommend physically comparing the rings on your fingers. Diamond Exchange Houston has many styles of engagement rings available such as solitaire, halo, pave, split shank, channel set, and even custom made engagement rings. When you visit us you will be able to try rings on and compare them to see which style you like the best. We can also give you our expert opinions and guide you in the right direction. We are known as the best place to buy engagement rings in Houston because of our great prices, quality selection, and friendly staff.

Shop For A Wedding Band At The Same Time

This is a smart tip that you can decide for yourself on whether or not to implement. When shopping for an engagement ring it is often best to get the matching wedding band at the same time. The reason for this is so you know you have it. If you have a particular type of setting for an engagement ring is can be very hard to find a wedding ring that will fit it flush. When trying on rings at Diamond Exchange Houston you are welcome to try matching wedding bands. With some engagement rings a wedding band will not look right with it. It is our advice to discuss the wedding band you will need in the future to see how difficult it will be to get a matching set. It is not rare that we have to make a custom wedding band to fit flush along the main engagement ring.

Decide On A Budget

One of the most important things to do when shopping for engagement rings is to come up with a budget beforehand. You can look at diamonds and rings all day long but if you are not trying to spend that much there is no use getting your hopes up. Working with a budget in mind helps us at Diamond Exchange Houston prepare the right types of stones to show you. Our goal at Diamond Exchange Houston is always to get you the nicest jewelry for your budget.

Schedule an Appointment

Diamond Exchange Houston is not like a normal jewelry store that you might see at the mall or on a busy street corner. We are wholesale diamond dealers located in an office building. It is best to call ahead to schedule an appointment so we can prepare the jewelry items we plan on showing you. For example, if you contact us and tell us that you are looking for a 1 carat round diamond, GIA Certified, “G” color, “SI1” clarity, and a halo style setting that will make it really easy for us to prepare some diamonds and settings for you on your appointment.

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