The engagement ring that you want tells a lot about you. A ring serves as much more than just a symbol that you are taken. It is a declaration of love and dedication to a specific someone you have chose to do life with :). There are numerous varieties of engagement rings available and the type you desire might tell a story about you.

The size, cut, shape and design of the ring can reveal a lot about your personal style and worldview.

Round Cut Diamond Ring

If you choose the round cut, you probably have a timeless aesthetic and respect for customs. Instead of expending energy trying to stand out from the herd, you cherish enduring values like family.

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Engagement rings with emerald cuts are often subtle. Indicated by an emerald cut diamond on your finger, you are classy, soft-spoken, and fancy chic with a twist. Instead of focusing on winning the crowd’s approval, you focus on improving yourself.

Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

The cushion cut has a stronger fire, flashing with vibrant rays, even if it isn’t as brilliant as the round cut. For brides who like old fashion, the cushion cut is excellent. You are probably delicate, kind, and modest if you wear a cushion-cut engagement ring. You are logical, devoted to your family, and don’t need to shout to be heard.

Oval Cut Diamond Ring

This shape is like the round cut in that it has a comparable number of facets but a longer outline. You are truly setting trends if you wear an oval-cut engagement ring. Size does matter to you because you like to draw attention. This is a pick for someone who is brave and daring because it is sophisticated yet extraordinary. You also honor the importance of preserving family traditions, being a loyal person, and upholding timeless principles.

Pear Cut Diamond Ring

Even though it is one of the less common ring designs, the pear cut is unquestionably one of the most stunning. Brides who choose a pear-shaped engagement ring are opulent and have strong opinions. You are an independent thinker who prefers to follow your instincts. Instead of being a typical, traditional housewife, you want to make a statement and be remembered. You are a blast to be around and love to express yourself; you are definitely not quiet or timid.

Princess Cut Diamond Ring

This cut, which has more than 50 facets, also excels at the shine. The princess cut maintains a traditional appearance while adding a contemporary twist. You enjoy the modern culture and are by no means dull. You are self-assured and confident. Perhaps you even enjoy starting trends.

Marquise Cut Diamond Ring

Marquise cuts have a flash of exceptional brilliance and 56 facets. The marquise cut is for edgy brides with a stunning sense of style and strong personalities. You are unafraid to speak your mind and to stand your ground. You surely aren’t someone who is down to earth; your self-assurance and sense of individualism are stunning.

Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

The Asscher cut is a square form with angled sides that has 58 stacked facets, much to the emerald cut. Elegant brides who appreciate all things retro may go for this. Your ring is a fashion statement as well as a representation of your love. You have a vivid imagination and like classic style. You are dependable, honest, and have nothing to conceal. You are a fantastic ally to friends and family.


1. What is the best diamond cut to obtain?

The Round Brilliant is by far the most popular cut. With its fifty-seven flawlessly matched facets, it truly stands out from the competition in terms of brilliance.

2. What are the 5 different diamond cut grades?

The grades for diamond cutting according to the GIA are Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor.

3. What are the most affordable/cheapest diamond cuts?

Emerald and Asscher cuts have the lowest prices per carat.

4. What is the most elegant diamond cut?

The marquise cut epitomizes elegance. This cut, also known as the Navette cut, is oval in shape and has pointy extremities that resemble the hull of a ship.

5. What are the most popular diamond cuts?

Lately the most popular diamond cuts we have been selling are round diamonds and radiant diamonds.

Final Thoughts

Your engagement ring is an item that is intended to be a lifelong companion, and maybe knowing what it represents about you will make it even more special. You must decide whatever type of stone, cut, and design best expresses your individuality. To get the best deals on engagement rings contact Diamond Exchange Houston today. We carry all shapes and sizes of diamonds including lab grown diamonds and GIA certified diamonds. Learn more about our selection at

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