If you are reading this post we imagine that you are in the market for a new diamond. Maybe this diamond is for an engagement ring or quite possibly a diamond pendant. Whatever the case may be, in this post we will educate you on how to find the perfect diamond for a great price all while shopping locally here in Houston.

Diamond Exchange Houston is a wholesale diamond dealer that is now open to the public. We specialize mainly in loose diamonds, engagement rings, and custom jewelry. Savvy customers work with us because at Diamond Exchange Houston you are able to get a lot bigger and nicer diamond versus shopping at your typical jewelry store.

What To Look For When Choosing a Diamond:

In today’s market you have to determine one thing upfront: Do you want a lab-grown diamond or do you want a natural diamond? At Diamond Exchange Houston in the last few years the lab-grown diamond engagement rings have been more popular simply because you can get a bigger look for a more affordable price.

We invite you to schedule an appointment today to visit our jewelry store, shop different diamond types, and try on different styles of engagement rings and wedding bands. While at Diamond Exchange Houston you will have the availability to actually compare the diamonds side-by-side versus shopping online and possible picking out a dud (which we have seen happen MANY times :()

Once you are set on choosing the perfect diamond the next step is to figure out your 4 C’s preferences. Some customers visit us and they are already 100% educated on the 4 C’s and other customers rely on us for information. Either way, if you book an appointment at Diamond Exchange Houston we will make sure you are taken care of and we will help you maximize your budget with the perfect stone!

Background on the 4 C’s

The 4 C’s were created as a grading system to help determine certain characteristics about diamonds: carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. The 4 C’s ultimately help establish a value or price for a diamond. Every diamond is different and the way to get the ultimate and most trusted grading is to send the diamond to GIA to get certified. Here are what the 4 C’s entail:

  • Carat Weight

    This is all about how much the diamond weighs.  The bigger the diamond, the more carats it is.  You will have the ability to try on different size diamonds while on your visit to Diamond Exchange Houston

  • Color

    Diamonds are graded on colors D-Z and D being the highest and most expensive.  Customers are all unique and prefer different colors.  For example, one customer might like a D-E color while another customer might like a J color.  It is all about personal preference.

  • Clarity

    This is all about how many imperfections are in a diamond.  Going high in clarity can make the diamond really expensive.  Some of our customers prefer to sacrifice on the clarity grade so they can get a larger size diamond for the price.  In lab-grown diamonds, it is a lot easier going high in the clarity (VVS, etc.) because they are A LOT MORE affordable compared to natural diamonds.

  • Cut

    This grading measurement is all about how well the diamond is cut. The best is graded as “Excellent”, however, you can also have a very very nice diamond with lower cut grades such as a “Very Good. The best way to shop for diamonds and engagement rings is to check them out in person that way you know if the diamond sparkles enough for you :).

Compare Diamonds Side-By-Side

When it comes time to purchase a diamond it is crucial that you see the diamond that you are purchasing. It is amazing in todays times that customers will purchase expensive diamonds online without ever having seen it in person.

Oftentimes, on an online diamond store like Blue Nile, customers will put a specific size, color, and clarity and then purchase an expensive diamond without ever having seen it in person. Then they keep their fingers crossed hoping the diamond that the purchase sparkles.

At Diamond Exchange Houston we have customers come in everyday to sell their engagement ring. Sometimes we see diamonds that have absolutely no brilliance that the customer had originally purchased online. Customers love to shop for engagement rings at Diamond Exchange Houston because we have a huge selection, wholesale prices, amazing customer service, and you have the ability to try-on and compare our diamonds.

By comparing the diamond that you are interested in next to other similar diamonds it helps you choose the perfect diamond. When you have the ability to actually see the diamond before you buy it ensures that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

What Do Experienced Diamond Buyers Look For When You Sell Diamonds

When customers come into Diamond Exchange Houston to sell diamonds or an engagement ring the main thing that holds the resale value is the main diamond. The reason that we bring this topic up is so you know the true value of your diamond in case you ever have to sell it. Customers visit us everyday because we are the most reputable diamond buyers in Houston. In this case of lab grown diamonds most diamond buyers, jewelry buyers, or diamond brokers will not purchase them. You best bet would be to try to sell it on your own on a website like Facebook Marketplace.

The most important factors when we buy diamonds is the shape, size (carats), and quality (4C’s). If your ring is a cluster ring made up of a whole bunch of small diamonds it will not have a strong resale value compared to one single large stone. However, if you have a large, high quality diamond then Diamond Exchange Houston is the best place to sell diamonds.

Get FREE Estimates if You Want To Buy or Sell Diamonds in Houston

If you are looking for a jewelry store to buy or sell diamonds then Diamond Exchange Houston is your one-stop-shop for all of your diamond jewelry needs. We are a local business that has tons of 5 star reviews on Google :))). Customers contact us, schedule an appointment, then visit our showroom to make their dreams come true.

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