Often, when we picture a diamond we immediately think of a bright, white, or clear stone. However, diamonds can naturally vary greatly in color – from the brilliant D color diamonds to yellow or even rare shades of red, blue, and pink. In terms of diamonds, the more color that is present, the easier it is to recognize by the naked eye.

Because of this, prior to being sold, diamonds are often graded and evaluated for quality purposes. The most trusted gemological lab is GIA- Gemological Institute of America. In particular, the GIA grades diamonds for their color based on a scale that runs from D-Z.

What Is a “D” Color Diamond?

D colored diamondPin“D” color diamonds are of the highest grade or quality. This indicates that the diamond has minuscule amounts of color – not noticeable to the naked eye or able to be viewed under magnification. Because of this D color diamonds are recognized as the highest quality diamond that is found on the market, at least in terms of color. They’re also known to be the rarest, only accounting for a very small portion of existing diamonds sold worldwide – which equates to less than 1% annually.

Because of their extremely white appearance, D-grade diamonds are stunning, even creating an enchantingly icy or watery aesthetic. They are classed as being a “colorless” stone, holding immense beauty to any viewer. Being a pinnacle of ice perfection, these colorless diamonds are entirely transparent.

One of the reasons people appreciate or hope to receive a D colored diamond is because of its rarity. Especially in terms of an engagement ring, owning a unique piece is considerably important to folks. The stunning beauty and sheer elegance of these rings speak for themselves, making them a phenomenal choice for those who can afford them.

It’s also important to mention that D color diamonds are technically more chemically pure than those other diamonds. This is because they contain fewer traces of elements incorporated into the carbon of their atomic structure. Essentially, this means that D color diamonds are considerably “cleaner” than that of the lesser grades.

However, their beauty and rarity come at a hefty price. These are by far the most expensive diamonds on the market. If the gradings for cut and clarity both equate to the highest possible quality, carat weight then becomes the most crucial factor in price. A 1-carat D color diamond deemed of excellent cut and clarity will likely cost a purchase anywhere from $5,000 – $20,000. Moving up to a 2-carat diamond of the same quality, it would likely cost over $25,000. The price will steadily increase with the carats, with 5-carat D color diamonds costing over $100,000 or more.

Are “D” Color Diamonds Worth The Price?

D color diamond engagement ringPinInevitably, if you care immensely about the mere quality of a diamond, then D color diamonds are worth the price. However, this is an extremely large investment, best made by those who have the income to support it or who do not have a limit on how much they are willing to spend. As mentioned, due to their overwhelming rarity, purchasing a D color diamond is not light on the bank account.

However, while D color diamonds are immaculately gorgeous, there are also “E” and “F” diamonds that are classified by the GIA as colorless as well. These stones will be near impossible to tell the difference between and are quite commonly grouped and categorized together with D color diamonds. This means that you will have a virtually colorless diamond, regardless of if you select D, E, or F. You will also pay less for an F colored diamond than you will for a D colored diamond, even though they are near identical.

If you dream of a stunning D color diamond but are unwilling to spend or save that amount of money, then looking into “nearly colorless” diamonds is a phenomenal option. Diamonds graded from G-J are “near-colourless”. Any yellow tinting in these stones is minuscule and still difficult to notice, especially from a distance. These grades of diamonds come at a much more affordable price, while not sacrificing the innate beauty of clarity.

If you do believe that a D color diamond is best suited for you, that’s phenomenal, however, it is crucial to complete some thorough background research. Ensure that the clarity is impeccable, the cut should be exceptionally done and to your specification and fluorescence should be significantly faint. Often, it’s recommended that the stone should be set in platinum colored metal, to showcase its innate beauty. Setting a diamond in a yellow or pink color will instantly depreciate the overall appearance of the diamond. Pink and yellow both tend to tint the visible hue of the stone.

It’s also important to maintain the four c’s of diamonds whenever purchasing a D color diamond. While color is important, there should be no sacrifice in the cut, clarity, and carat weight. If we do not take into consideration of all four aspects, we may overpay for a diamond purely based on the color.

Where Can You Purchase “D” Color Diamonds?

Now that we’ve read up on “D” color diamonds, you may be curious as to where you can purchase one. At Diamond Exchange Houston, we pride ourselves on being a source for customers to shop directly, eliminating any requirement for a middleman. As highly professional, 3rd generation diamond dealers, we have a commitment to quality and a passion for diamonds and assisting our customers in creating beautiful moments and lasting memories.

At Diamond Exchange Houston we offer wholesale diamonds, GIA certified diamonds, lab grown diamonds, and more. If you are in the market we can assist you in purchasing a loose D color diamond, an engagement ring, or another piece of jewelry, holding a D color diamond. Bringing an abundance of experience and dedication to the table, there is also the availability for customers to design their D-color diamond piece of jewelry and have it professionally crafted for you.

With an incredible array of options for any jewelry or diamond wearer, Diamond Exchange Houston is truly prepared and eager to create the most stunning pieces of D color diamond jewelry (or any, for that matter). If this is something you may be interested in, feel free to head to the “Contact Us” section of the website, leave us your information and a quick message and we’ll be sure to get back to you promptly!

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