They say that diamonds are “a girl’s best friend”, but what about those who appreciate something a little more unique? While there are gemstones of every color, nothing beats the ornate beauty of a diamond situated upon your finger. Those looking for a one-of-a-kind diamond, ought to consider salt and pepper diamonds. Still offering the sheen and aesthetic of a classic diamond, but in an entirely individualistic way – the salt and pepper diamond has been dazzling folks for decades.

What Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds and What Do They Look Like?

where to buy salt and pepper diamondsPinThe main factor that causes the variation in appearance between the usual diamond you’ve seen and a salt and pepper diamond, is that of inclusions. Inclusions are mere imperfections that every diamond has. They’re often so minuscule that they cannot be viewed by the naked eye! In the case of salt and pepper diamonds, there is a multitude of both black and white inclusions present – giving them a gorgeous greyscale bespeckled appearance.

Because inclusions are a natural occurrence, they take on the similar attribute of snowflakes – with no two being identical or of exact likeness. This makes salt and pepper diamonds incredibly unique, allowing for each to carry its specific appearance. At the same time, because salt and pepper diamonds are formed of inclusions, varying in amount, they also vary in color.

As mentioned, many come in a greyscale tone, having been made of more black inclusions than white. However, some diamonds hold more white inclusions, causing the appearance to take on a much brighter tone. This makes it so opting for a salt and pepper diamond also brings you the choice of the overall color tone of the diamond as well. You can opt for dark and mysterious, or perhaps bright and bold – whatever suits the personality of the wearer!

Salt and pepper diamonds can be cut in a classic round shape, seen in many traditional rings. However, some folks would prefer a more quirky shape to their diamond. This began a necessity for jewelers to begin cutting diamonds in a variety of shapes, such as the oval, pear, marquise, princess, and even heart. Any of these would make an excellent choice for a salt and pepper diamond ring.

Are These Types Of Diamonds Cheap or Expensive?

salt and pepper diamond pricePinOne of the most beloved attributes of salt and pepper diamonds is the price tags. For couples who are looking for a more cost-effective or relatively cheaper option for a diamond wedding or engagement ring, this may be a perfect choice. This is because white diamonds are considered to be “flawless” and therefore, much rarer – coming with a higher price.

Considering their raw, and very much unprocessed or unaltered state, salt and pepper diamonds are typically less costly. Still offering the spectacular appeal and durability of a white diamond, salt and pepper diamonds are considered to hold more “flaws”. This is not to say salt and pepper diamonds are “cheap” because they are, after all, still rare diamonds. They are merely less expensive than white diamonds, due to their flaws.

It’s always important to note that as with any piece of jewelry, salt and pepper diamonds may increase in price depending on the piece on which they are placed. As gold’s price is determined by the number of karats, the higher the karat, the more expensive the piece of jewelry will be. Therefore, if you choose to purchase a 14k gold salt and pepper diamond engagement ring, over an 8k gold ring, you will pay a larger fee.

What Types of Jewelry Could Feature a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

As previously mentioned, the most popular option for salt and pepper diamond jewelry is an engagement ring. This is because engagement rings often hold a large stone, with an even larger symbolic meaning for the couple or wearer. With salt and pepper diamonds being so stunning and individualistic, they make the perfect stone for arguably the most special piece of jewelry a person can be given.

PinThere are many types of jewelry that could feature salt and pepper diamonds including:

  • Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Tennis Bracelets
  • Salt and Pepper Diamond Earrings
  • Salt and Pepper Custom Jewelry Designs

Aside from rings, diamonds are commonly featured in a large variety of jewelry. Due to this, folks have a multitude of options for jewelry in which they’d like to feature a salt and pepper diamond. One option that many folks enjoy, is featuring a diamond in the pendant of a necklace. As pendants can be purchased and custom-made in so many varieties, the option of utilizing a salt and pepper diamond makes for an even more uniquely attractive piece.

While larger diamonds are fantastic, many prefer smaller pieces of jewelry and therefore, smaller diamonds. What better way to feature a gorgeous smaller diamond, than on earrings! Whether you choose the option of salt and pepper diamonds clasped in studs or attached to a dazzling set of hoops – you’re sure to have an immaculate piece of unique jewelry.

The same could be said for salt and pepper diamonds set around the face of a watch, strewn along a bracelet, on a tiny nose ring, or any other piece of jewelry your heart desires. If you’re unable to find the style suiting your needs, readily available for purchase, simply seek out an experienced jeweler. They can help you to design and then create the piece that you desire – just keep in mind the added price of custom jewelry.

How to Care For Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Like any other piece of diamond jewelry, many people prefer to be well aware of how to maintain a salt and pepper diamond’s aesthetic. This is not only because of beauty, but many are aware that jewelry that’s commonly worn (especially in places like your hands) is accustomed to tarnishing. To save on this, and any other unnecessary dirt and grime, many folks will clean their jewelry regularly.

Most jewelry stores and specialty shops will have the necessary products available. Much of the time it will be a small container that holds a cleaning solution, jewelry basket and tiny brush. Similarly, a toothbrush, some warm water and mild soap will do the trick in a pinch.

It’s also important to keep in mind that with your most expensive pieces of jewelry, it’s important to remove them before entering the water. Whether swimming, hot tubbing or showering, it’s a crucial step in avoiding sometimes costly repairs. While water itself won’t tarnish the appearance, the chemicals within it can, especially chlorine.

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